Can You Use Office Chair Without Wheels?


Picking the right office chair is crucial because it will help you be productive in your job as well as make you comfortable for hours on end. Choosing office chairs without wheels or with wheels is one of the most factors that people think about when they buy their office chairs. One of the questions that may come to mind is ‘can you use an office chair without wheels?’ Well, the answer to this question is here.

Yes! You can definitely use an office chair without any wheels. Not a lot of people would prefer to go for chairs that have wheels, hence they choose stationary ones. It will not only add an aesthetic feel to your office but it will be the best choice for making sure your job is done comfortably and efficiently!

Making sure that you have the right chair for work is important so that you can get your job done efficiently. In this article, you will know the advantage and disadvantages of using an office chair without wheels. Aside from that, you will also learn the different factors that you need to look out for when choosing the right chair without wheels for your office needs.

Know the Benefits of Using an Office Chair Without Wheels

There are a couple of advantages that you can get for using office chairs without wheels. If you are budget conscious when it comes to choosing your office chair, office chairs without wheels are the best way to go. They are cheaper than ones with wheels.

Office Chair Without Wheels

Also, it is simpler and easier to assemble. Unlike office chairs with wheels, there are plenty of moving parts for you to get the chair ready for use. If you have hard floors in your office, these types of chairs have floor guards that go hand and hand with them.

Office chairs without wheels are perfect for offices that have wooden floors or if your desk and chair are placed on a platform or riser. As I’ve mentioned above, it provides an aesthetic look that makes them look better in home offices.

Downsides of Using an Office Chair Without Wheels

No 360-Degree Swivel and Not Easy to Move Around

Unlike office chairs with wheels, you won’t be able to move around as much in your office. Chairs with wheels make it easy to move around in the room with just a slight push of your feet. However, this is not possible when it comes to chairs without wheels.

Fixed chairs don’t provide this mobility. You would need to walk and get up even if it’s just a close distance to get the things you need. Most offices usually avoid using office chairs without wheels.

Another disadvantage of office chairs without wheels is they don’t have the 360-degree swivel a chair with wheels has. Having this feature can be great if you are multitasking. Now, you can get a chair without wheels with this feature but it can be a bit more expensive than regular ones.

Lack of Designs and Adjustable Armrests or Seat Heights

Office chairs without wheels don’t have a wide range of designs that you can choose from. There are only a few models in the market since most chairmakers focus on adding cool features to wheeled chairs.

The primary design for these chairs is minimalism so they lack the wide variety of designs that most people want with office chairs.

Just like lacking modern features, they often don’t have adjustable armrests and seats. These features are commonly found on office chairs with wheels.

Factors to Think About Before Purchasing an Office Chair Without Wheels

Take a Look at the Office Chair Materials

The number one thing that makes an office chair great is the material and fabric that it’s made out of. However, not all of them provide the same comfort and breathability to make sure that you are productive in your work.

Your aim is to choose a material that won’t irritate your skin, can withstand daily use, and will not make you break a sweat.

The most common type of office chair material is fabric-upholstered since it is equally comfy and attractive. It is best for those who want to be comfortable in style. Now, the main drawback of this material is the fabric construction is a target for spills and stains.

If you prioritize durability, then you could go the hard surface chair route. The sturdiest and can withstand the test of time are wooden office chairs. With these, you don’t have to worry about spills and skin irritation.

There are also plastic chairs available on the market. These types of chairs are long-lasting and not as flimsy as they are known to be. However, they don’t offer the best back support and can be hard as well as uncomfortable to sit on.

Vinyl office chairs are the ones taht you usually see in office spaces. They have different softness levels, are hard-wearing, and are spill-resistant. With these features, they are easy to clean but will make the user a bit warm since they tend to be non-breathable in nature.

When you prefer materials that can hold heat and will keep you cool, leather is the best choice for you. They provide timeless elegance that will provide a great style to your office. The main drawback with this material is the upkeep can be a bit much and may not be the best for the busiest people.

Know the Ergonomics of the Chair

Most likely you will be spending hours on end on your office chair, which will cause health problems. Due to this, ergonomic office chairs are created. There’s no need to worry about back, shoulder, and arm pain.

These types of chairs are made to improve posture and will support the body properly. There are some office chairs without wheels that come with adjustable seat height which usually are ergonomic.

Be sure to choose a chair with lumbar support that will prevent straining your lower back. The backrest should be adjustable to at least 12 inches for the right support of your upper body. If the chair has armrests, ensure they are adjustable so that it’s comfortable while you type.

Take Note of the Desk Chair’s Comfort

Comfortability would depend on one person to another. It is best that you are able to test the chair to know whether it is worth it or not. Just because companies advertise lumbar support it doesn’t mean it will be pleasant for you.

There are some office chairs that can be too comfortable which can be hard to focus on while you’re doing your work. It is best to do your research by reading the chair’s specifications. Take a look at the reviews and make sure that you go through teh return policy of the chair.

If you can go out and choose your office chair without wheels, make sure you take a seat and feel whether it is good for you or not.

The Type of Flooring Will Be On

The type of flooring in your office is the last thing that you may have in your mind. It is actually an important factor that you should consider since not all office chairs are designed for the same type of flooring.

Even though these types of chairs don’t have wheels, they may do less floor damage than those that may have, but they can still do a fair share of scratches over time. If your floor is not scratch-resistant or not easy to clean, make sure that you don’t choose chairs that have metal legs.

The reason for this is they can rust as time passes and will cause stains as well as scratches. If you have tiles, laminated, and vinyl floors, they are known to be scuff and stain-resistant. Choosing whatever type of legs your office chair may have here is possible.

On the other hand, with hardwood floorings, you may want to get a desk with felt chair glides. It can prevent the floors from getting ruined. No matter what type of flooring you have, it is best to use felt furniture pads on the chair to protect them.

Know the Weight Limit

Lastly, it is best to know the weight limit of your office chair. Not all chairs have the same weight capacity and there is a particular reason for it. Exceeding the chair’s limit will lead to faster wear and tear. It can also lead to annoying squeaky sounds as time passes.

Office chairs can hold about 250 pounds whereas big and tall chairs have a weight limit range of 300 to 800 pounds. To ensure that you get the best comfortable chair and seating experience, make sure that you keep the weight limit in mind.

Final Thoughts

You can definitely use an office chair without wheels for working or even gaming! When you consider the different factors to look for in a chair, you will be comfortable when you gaming and working. Now, there are some advantages and disadvantages that come with using a chair without wheels but it doesn’t mean you cannot use them for gaming or working. As long as they are comfortable to sit on, then you are good to go.

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