How to Connect Gaming Chair to Nintendo Switch?


A Nintendo Switch is an excellent alternative to TV gaming consoles and playing games on your personal computer. They’re compact and very gaming devices. So you can always use a Nintendo switch if you’re a gamer or you love playing games but don’t like gaming consoles.

After you acquire a Nintendo Switch, the next thing to do is connect it to a gaming switch. If you’ve not done it before, don’t fret. Depending on your preference, you can choose a wired or wireless connection. The wired connection gives a better and crisper sound, so most gamers go for it. You can connect your Nintendo switch to a gaming chair in simple steps.

So, we’ll proceed to put down all the steps you need on how to connect your gaming chair to Nintendo switch using a cabled connection.

  1. Turn off the Power
  2. Switch off Your Nintendo Switch
  3. Plug an Audio Wire or Cord Into the Headphone Port of the Nintendo Switch
  4. Connect the Audio Cable to the Gaming Chair
  5. Check the Connection

This article lists and explains the steps needed to connect a gaming chair to a Nintendo Switch. In addition, the guide covers how to plug the Audio cables and connect the cable to the gaming chair.

Five Steps To Connecting a  Gaming Chair to Nintendo Switch

Gaming chairs are often the best choice for gamers because they’re made to be very comfortable for the back, especially for gamers that spend hours sitting down. And some of the chairs, like X Rocker, are compatible with Nintendo switch.

So, if you want to connect your Nintendo switch to your gaming chair, you’ll need a chair that is compatible with the Nintendo switch. Then, you can decide whether you want a wireless connection or you want to use a cord to make the connection.

If you don’t want a wireless connection, you can use a cableway to connect your gaming chair to a Nintendo switch. If you’re using cables, you should manage the cables carefully so you don’t have too many wires.

Using too many wires can make your setup appear poorly put together and damage the wires you’ve used for the setup.

1. Turn Off The Power

Before making the connections, always turn off the power source to which your Nintendo switch is connected. Working with the power on may not harm you, but if you make any mistakes, it could cause damage to the appliances you’re connecting.

So, turn off the power, and when you’re done with the connection, you can turn the power back on and test your connection.

2. Switch Off The Nintendo Switch

Before you start the connection, turn off your Nintendo switch. Of course, it’s not necessary for you to power off your Nintendo switch before you begin to connect it to your gaming chair, but it’s preferable.

So, you should:

  • Press the power button on your Nintendo console and hold it for three seconds.
  • You can press the power button and hold it briefly to enter sleep mode. Sleep mode will make it easier for you to return to the game you were playing.
  • However, if you want to turn off the Nintendo completely, hold the power button for 3 seconds, bringing up the menu.
  • Then select power options.
  • When the power options come up, choose to turn them off.
  • The system will turn off, and you can continue with the connection.

3. Plug An Audio Wire Into The Headphone Port Of The Nintendo Switch

Next, you must plug an audio cable or wire into the port on the upper side of the Nintendo switch. The connector is usually 3.5mm, and you can find it on top of the console.

Also, the port for the connection is usually on the console or on top of the screen. So to make the connection, you’ll need to use a long enough cable to reach your device from the gaming chair.

But you can link the Nintendo set to the gaming chair and hold the switch in your hand. That will be incredibly convenient if your cord is short.

4. Connect The Audio Cable To The Gaming Chair

After you plug the first end of the audio cable into the audio port of the Nintendo Switch, go ahead to connect the other end of the audio cable to the audio socket of your gaming chair.

You will find the audio socket on the control panel of your gaming chair. There are other ports on the gaming panel. But, there will be a headphone indicator on the panel of the gaming chair, which will make it easy for you to find the headphone port.

And the indicator will be color-coded. It will be colored white, green or black. So look out for any of the three colors.

There will be a few more cords, so make sure you point at the correct cord. You’ll most likely see other red and white ports. But look before you make the connection. That is the same thing you use to connect the audio output of a TV set.

5. Check The Connection

When you’ve finished the connection, next is to turn on your Nintendo switch. Test the connection to see if you’ve connected everything properly when it’s on. Check the socket you’ve inserted the cables into if there is any issue. Chances are you’ve inserted it into the wrong cable.

However, if you’ve done everything accurately, you should already hear the sounds from the device via your gaming chair.

So, if the sounds don’t come through via your gaming chair, you’ll have to check the connection and make sure the connection is accurate. If not, you’ll have to redo the connection. Maybe you’ve inserted the cable into the wrong ports.


You can play games on Nintendo Switch without connecting them to your gaming chair. But with the connection, you will find your gaming time much more enjoyable. So, if you want to connect your Nintendo switch to a gaming chair, the process is relatively straightforward.

First, you should decide on the connection mode you’ll be using. Then, you can either connect it with a wireless connection using Bluetooth or a wired connection with a cord.

However, not all switches and chairs have Bluetooth options, and many prefer a wired connection. Therefore, please turn off the Nintendo switch, connect the cord to the switch and the chair and turn it back on.

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