Corsair TC60 vs TC70: What’s the Difference?


Gaming chairs have come a long way, no doubt, and they get better each year. While there are many options, it is worth considering the Corsair tc60 and tc70. Coming from a leading brand, it boils down to which is better – corsair tc60 vs tc70. So, how do these two differ?

The main difference between Corsair tc60 and tc70 is the pricing, design, and frame. The tc60 has a fabric cover, while tc70 has a leather and fabric cover. The tc60 has a wider frame, while the tc70 has a slimmer frame. Then again, the tc60 is about 1%-5% cheaper than tc70.

One thing about Corsair, they never compromise on the quality of the textile material of their chairs. The premium fabric gives a soft and comfortable feel for hours to come. You can’t go wrong with either of these chairs, especially when it comes to comfort.

So, how do these two gaming chairs compare? And which is the best fit for you? Let’s find out!

Corsair TC60

CORSAIR TC60 Fabric Gaming Chair - Relaxed Fit - Black
as of April 3, 2024 9:56 pm

Corsair tc60 is a gaming chair built for comfort, practicality, and affordability. With the breathable fabric and foam, you can sit in this chair for hours with little to no discomfort. So, if you’re an enthusiastic gamer, streamer, or PC user, this chair will serve you well.

The tc60 is designed for all-day relaxation. It has broad bolsters that readily accommodate you with one leg or even both legs up. The 3D armrests come in handy in finding the ideal position for your arms. You can adjust them left or right, up or down, and forward and backward.

If you’re worried about posture, I am almost tempted to say that you’ve hit the jackpot with this one. The built-in foam lumbar support will help prop you up well. So you can maintain good posture while gaming or working. You can say goodbye to back pain!

Building this chair is easy. Following the manual, setting the tc60 up is a straightforward process. You will be set up and seated in no time.

Pros of Corsair TC60

  1. Fabric Exterior: Unlike most leather-covered gaming chairs, the tc60 sports a soft-cloth, breathable, all-fabric design that retains minimal heat. If you don’t like the stickiness of leather when it gets hot, then you’ll love this chair. Also, there is no peeling like in leather chairs, so the tc60 will last you a long time. Bonus point, the fabric is secured with a zipper, so you can always remove it to clean or replace it.
  1. Comfort: The chair has an in-built foam lumbar support. This helps to maintain good posture while gaming or working. It also has broad side bolsters and a contoured fit to relax better.
  1. Reclinable Seat: Corsair tc60 comes with a reclining seat. You can recline the seat to 105 degrees if you want a more relaxed feel. You can also raise or lower the chair according to your height. It has a lever to manage the current recline position and comes with adjustable reclining tension control.
  1. 3D Armrests: The tc60 features cushioned 3D armrests that are highly adjustable in all dimensions. Not only that, the armrests have six stops of height adjustments.
  1. Easy to assemble: You don’t need any tools to set this chair up, so if you’re not good with tools, you’ll be fine. Also, this chair takes little to no time to assemble. You can be done with it in less than an hour.
  1. Easy to move: Thanks to the tc70’s wheelbase, you can smoothly glide the chair along any flat surface. You will find that moving this chair around the house is somewhat of a breeze.

Cons of Corsair TC60

  1. There is no headrest support or lumbar cushion.
  1. The lumbar support is not all that great and is not adjustable.

Corsair TC70

TC70 Remix Gaming Chair,Relaxed Fit, Black (Black)
as of April 3, 2024 9:56 pm

Corsair tc70 is a fantastic chair built for style and comfort. If you want something that fits perfectly in your gaming space, you’ve got just the tc70. It is quite pleasing to the eye.

Now, if you’re like me, absolutely terrified at the thought of assembling anything at all, I’ve got good news. You don’t need to be! Setting this chair up doesn’t take more than thirty minutes, especially if you have someone to help. It is a simple and easy process, perfectly doable by one person. But having another pair of hands to help never hurt anyone.

The tc70 features synthetic leather and velvety fabric that is smooth to the touch. The fabric is soft and breathable, which retains minimal heat. With this, you won’t have that stickiness or slickness you get with leather-covered chairs. The sides and backrest are covered in eye-catching faux leather, adding to the overall feel of the chair.

When it comes to being sturdy, the tc70 is a beast. You can sit on it for a long time without losing comfort. It is very stable and does not creak, compressed, or not. The recline function and armrest adjustment are solid. These two features enhance the overall comfort of this chair.

Pros of Corsair TC70

  1. Relaxed Fit: The Corsair tc70 is made for premium comfort. The chair comes with broad bolsters that make sure you relax deeply into the chair.
  1. Soft Fabric Exterior: The chair is designed with a breathable soft all-cloth design. It retains minimal heat, ensuring it doesn’t get sticky, as in the leather covering. The chair also sports stylish leather, making for an aesthetically pleasing yet comfortable look.
  1. Reclining Seat: You can relax and power through your gaming session with the 105 degrees reclining seat. With the adjustable reclining tension control, you can also “lock” and “unlock” the recline level to your taste.
  1. Seat Height Adjustment: The seat has a 100mm height adjustment. With this, you can adjust the chair to your desired height.
  1. 3D Armrests: The tc70 comes with 3D armrests that are highly adjustable and rotatable. You can rotate them up and down and sideways. There is no dedicated lever to adjust it front or back. Simply push the armrests forward or backward seamlessly.
  1. Easy movement: Thanks to the easily attached wheels, this chair will easily glide along any flat surface.

Cons of Corsair TC70

  1. The armrests are a bit short.
  1. It is a bit expensive, especially if you are on a budget.

Corsair TC60 vs TC70: An In-Depth Comparison

Now, we will compare the two gaming chairs in-depth.

The Corsair tc60 and tc70 gaming chairs are more alike than you may think. They have similar features and dimensions and have an effortlessly stylish design.

As much as they are alike, they still differ in some aspects.

Let’s get into it now.


Corsair tc60 and tc70 are very sleek and snazzy seats. I mean, can we expect less from Corsair? The seats are designed to fit in your space and add to the overall beauty and look of the place.

Corsair tc60 has an all-fabric design. You’ll love this if you are done with leather covering peeling eventually. With the fabric covering, rest assured you won’t get any peeling.

The fabric feels premium, soft, and breathable. This is perfect if you stay in a warmer climate where leather seats tend to get sticky. You can sit in this all day long without that uncomfortable sticky feeling.

Corsair tc70, on the other hand, has a fabric and leather design. I will say that the faux leather adds to the already premium look of the chair. Most of the seat is covered with fabric. The sides and backrest sport snazzy faux leather.


One thing about the tc60 and tc70, they are built for absolute comfort.

Both seats have solid padding, not too firm but also not too soft. While you don’t get an ultra-soft foam, you can sit comfortably for hours without getting butt pain.

Both seats are sturdy while contouring in the right places for optimal comfort. They offer good back support and built-in foam lumbar support that helps you maintain good posture. Both seats recline to 105 degrees and can be locked in any position.

One major difference between the two is the width. Both seats have broad side bolsters to accommodate you in every way. However, the tc60 is wider than the tc70. You can sit cross-legged and still have enough space to wiggle.

If you don’t like feeling cramped in your space, you should consider the tc60.

Lumbar Support

Both Corsair tc60 and tc70 have built-in foam lumbar support. Yet, they are not all that great, in my opinion.

For one, the lumbar support is embedded in the foam and is not adjustable. There is no way around the default position and performance.

Both seats have no headrest or footrest, which could be a dealbreaker. You will need something to support your head and neck if you spend a lot of time on your PC, so you don’t get neck cramps.

This is where Corsair falls short, in my opinion. But in their defense, the lumbar foam support provides good back support. Again, the seats are covered in soft fabric and faux leather, as the case may be, for premium comfort.

Still, the slim build of the tc70 is at an advantage here. While there is no dedicated pillow, it assumes a narrower shape to cushion your neck better. The tc60 doesn’t really offer this as it is wider. Corsair tc70 wins in this category.


The ergonomics of both chairs don’t disappoint. Let’s start with the available adjustments.

We’ve talked about the recline feature with its tension control. This means you can recline the seat and lock it in the position of your choice. You can also unlock it and readjust it as you desire.

The armrests are a bit disappointing to me. But let’s look at the good side. You can adjust the armrests back and forth, up and down, and sideways. So, finding the best position for your hands is no problem.

However, the armrests are a bit short and may not accommodate your elbows that much. If this seems like an issue or you’re not one for armrests, you can always detach it. If not, you can adjust it to suit your taste.

Also, the armrests are made of plastic and have thin pads. If you’re going for long hours, your elbows might hurt. You may want to look into getting cushioned pillows; otherwise, you’ll be just fine.


The good thing about these chairs is that they are some of the best yet most affordable gaming chairs in Corsair’s lineup. Although their prices slightly differ, it is nothing too drastic.

Corsair tc70 is more recent, having been introduced in 2021. As such, the price will be relatively higher than tc60 that came in 2020.

The prices of both chairs change regularly. You can check the current price of Corsair tc60 here.

Also, check the latest price of Corsair tc70 here.

Here is a glance at the specs of Corsair tc60 and tc70.

Specifications Corsair TC60Corsair TC70
CoverFabricFabric / Synthetic Leather
Dimensions 38.78 x 27.36 x 14.7638.78 x 27.36 x 14.76
Ergonomics3D Armrests Adjustable backrest 60 mm Gas pressure spring3D Armrests Adjustable backrest 60 mm Gas pressure spring
Max Recline AngleUp to 105 degreesUp to 105 degrees
Item Weight19 kg19 kg
Weight Capacity124 kg124 kg

Corsair TC60 vs TC70: Which Should You Get?

So, we have gone through the specs and compared the Corsair tc60 and tc70. And now, you’re faced with the ultimate decision: which one should you get?

To be fair, they both have their strong and weak points. So, in this case, it depends on your preferences. Don’t worry. I’ll help you figure this out.

If you want a classic look with optimum comfort, relaxation, and more space, go for Corsair tc60.

With the all-fabric design, comfort is a given with the tc60. You don’t like it when it seems you’re slipping or your seat is sticky? The tc60 eliminates all that with its silky, suede-like material that retains minimal heat for your comfort.

You can remove the fabric and clean it if when it gets dirty. And if it gets damaged, you can always replace it.

Corsair tc60 is broader, offering you much more space to cocoon in your little sanctuary. There is plenty of space for your hands and legs if you want to prop them up.

The best part? You can get it all at a lower price.

Now, if you want a premium look with a modern design and better lumbar support, go for Corsair tc70.

It is recent, as it came out only last year, so it has a more modern design. With its fabric and elegant faux leather design, the tc70 is a modern and beautiful addition you will appreciate to your gaming space.

It offers better support for your neck as it has a narrower frame that makes for a better headrest. You will do better with tc70 if you don’t want neck cramps interrupting your work or gaming session.

Although it is slightly more expensive than tc60, I think it is a good investment that will last a long time.

And that ends this review. I hope you have found it useful.

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