How to Fix a Gaming Chair Leaning Back?


The position of your gaming chair is essential when you look at the effect on your health. Also, the comfort you get when sitting on the chair impacts how you play your games. However, the gaming chair can have issues that affect its leaning direction and also make you feel uncomfortable whenever you sit on it.

If you notice this issue, you may wonder how to fix a gaming chair leaning back. Well, you can achieve this in a series of simple ways.

Here are the steps to fix a gaming chair leaning back:

  1. First, identify the cause of the problem.
  2. Remove the gaming chair seat cushion.
  3. Tighten the upper body of the chair.
  4. Adjust the height of the chair.
  5. Adjust the seat angle.
  6. Use a wedge to raise the front edge.
  7. Add some padding to the seat.
  8. Adjust the caster wheels.
  9. Activate the tilt lock feature.
  10. Sit and enjoy your gaming chair.

This article outlines and explains the steps you should take to fix your gaming chair. All these steps involve finding the problem, fixing the chair, and adjusting the positioning.

10 Ways to Fix a Gaming Chair Leaning Back

The ultimate goal of using a gaming chair is to experience comfort while playing any game. In addition, the thrill of the game and the best sitting position give an incredible gaming experience. So, sitting in the proper position is essential to this process. But, notwithstanding, fixing your gaming chair position is unavoidable.

Still, it is best to adjust the gaming chair before attempting to sit on it. But first, following the straightforward methods outlined below is the best way to fix your gaming chair properly.

1. Identify the Cause of the Problem

When your gaming chair begins to lean back, the first thing to check is the cause. Different factors determine the position of the chair. Firstly, the kind of gaming chair you have determines how you fix its position.

For example, a chair with adjustable armrests may only need you to adjust them to its lowest position. Then, it would help to feel less like your chair is leaning back. Next, a gaming chair with a too-soft cushion may feel like it is leaning back. In this scenario, you may only need to adjust this issue by fixing the seat cushion. The chair could feel less like it is leaning back.

Lastly, the gaming chair’s weight can affect its positioning. A lightweight gaming chair is more likely to lean back and tip over. You can fix this by getting a more heavy-weight gaming chair. However, if your chair has no issues you can fix quickly, the problem may be from its component. Therefore, you need to check every chair part and detect the problem.

After detecting the problem, you can now know which part of the chair you need to fix for it to stop leaning back. The adjustments for a gaming chair leaning back is mainly at the backrest and sitting level. But it is best to check every vital component of the chair and fix the faulty part. Another thing you need to understand is the mechanism of your gaming chair.

Some gaming chairs have some features while others don’t. So, the methods of fixing the chairs will differ slightly. But, if you understand the chair’s mechanism, you can know which way works for improving it. Although it may seem challenging to fix, you can do it by beginning with the following troubleshooting method.

2. Remove the Gaming Chair Seat Cushion

When you want to begin fixing your gaming chair, you need first to remove its seat cushion. Some gaming chairs have removable cushions, while others do not. You can check if yours is removable by trying to remove it. However, if your gaming chair’s seat cushion is not removable, you must detach the whole seat assembly.

After removing the seat cushion, unscrew the base from its support. You can do this by removing the screws holding the bottom together. Then, separate the two pieces. The chair will feel like it is less leaning to the back. However, if this doesn’t solve it, then you will have to get more technical with the solutions.

3. Tighten the Upper Body of the Chair

Tighten the upper part of your gaming chair to prevent it from leaning when you sit on it. The chair quickly leans back because you lean on it whenever you play a game. Also, it is customary to thrash around during gaming sessions. So, it shouldn’t be surprising when it begins to lean toward that direction.

Locate the screws supporting the upper body and tighten them. You can push the chair back and forth to check the accuracy. You can loosen the screws a little if the backrest is leaning too forward. If the chair still leans back after adjusting the screws supporting the upper body, you can try the following fix below.

4. Adjust the Height of the Chair

Your height would have a lot of impact on your sitting height on the gaming chair. Although, the most common preference for most people is around 30 inches off the ground. But, if you are above six feet tall, this height may be uncomfortable for you. In addition, this chair’s height would make you lean back more to stretch your legs.

To prevent this from happening in the future, you have to adjust the height of your gaming chair to suit your size. Sitting higher is best if you are above six feet tall. First, try sitting in the chair to find a comfortable height. Then, keep adjusting the height of your gaming chair until you find the one that is best for you.

You can adjust the height by loosening the screws holding the seat to the base. You can also adjust the chair’s leg supports by pulling them out. Then, move the supports up and down until you get the perfect height. These two methods will adjust your gaming chair’s height correctly.

5. Adjust the Seat Angle

You need to adjust the seat of your gaming chair to get the best settings for your back. Although, you can fully recline many gaming chair seat angles. But, if you notice the chair leaning back when you are in a sitting position, you can adjust the seat angle.

Fortunately, some gaming chairs can also tilt forward to an extent. It is best to have a gaming chair that can lean forward and backward, so you can find your balance when you set it. In addition, you will need a gaming chair with many seat angle adjustment mechanisms. If your gaming chair doesn’t have these features, you can use the following method below.

6. Use a Wedge to Raise the Front Edge

If you still feel like your gaming chair is leaning back after these adjustments, you can raise its front edge a little. You will need a wedge for this process. A wedge is a piece of material such as wood or metal with one of its edges thick and the other edge thin so it can fit into a tight area. Fortunately, the thin edge can fit between the legs of your chair.

Just position the wedge under the front edge of your seat, and force it forward until you feel it is accurate. You can use a hammer to push the wedge if you find it hard to do this with your hands. Another alternative is adding a weighty object towards the front edge of the chair.

However, you must ensure the object only adds a little weight to the chair. It could make the chair tilt forward and also become too heavy to lift. You should also note that adding this extra weight will affect the chair’s mobility. So, you should use a wedge if you want a manageable weight.

7. Add Some Padding to the Seat

Putting extra padding on the seat will prevent pressure spots on your lower back and thighs. In addition, it will support your back and reduce how much you lean on the backrest. The chair will lean back infrequently if it has enough padding support. You can get some pillows or foam padding and fit them into your gaming chair.

However, it is essential to note that your gaming chair doesn’t require too much padding. You only need to cover about half of the seat. Just add the pads towards your lower back and halfway on the seat. Too much padding can make you uncomfortable on the chair.

8. Adjust the Caster Wheels

The caster wheels of your gaming chair are essential to its leaning position. The looseness of the caster wheels can cause rocking movements. The ground also affects the balance of your gaming chair. Therefore, you may have to adjust the caster wheels when the ground is uneven.

If your gaming chair is still leaning back after trying all the fixes above, it is time to adjust the caster wheels. First, check if they are correctly attached, then check their tightness. If the caster wheels feel loose or unsteady, tighten them immediately to prevent them from worsening. If you notice cracks on them, you may need to replace them with new ones.

If the caster wheels are still unsteady after tightening them, you need to find a solution. You can use silicone lubricant to coat them a little. The lubricant will keep them steady and prevent them from changing positions anyhow. It is best to keep the lubricant because it can come in handy in the future.

In addition, you can add rubber washers, or adhesive-backed felt pads to the caster wheels. It will help to stabilize them and prevent them from shaking. This method will balance the wheelbase balance irrespective of the ground level. Also, it will prevent the gaming chair from leaning back.

9. Activate the Tilt Lock Feature

Most gaming chairs have a tilt lock feature that allows you to lock it in place. The tilt lock will hold the chair, so it doesn’t lean back or tilt too low. In addition, some chairs have simple tilt lock mechanisms that you can easily activate. For example, you can activate it by pressing a button or turning a knob.

While you can activate the tilt lock at any angle on some chairs, on the other hand, some gaming chairs have pre-determined angles for you to activate the lock. First, however, you should find the best position for your balance and activate the lock. This action will prevent the chair from leaning back frequently.

It is essential to note that the tilt lock knob may become loose and cause the chair to lean back over time. You would need to tighten the knob whenever you experience this. Once you tighten it, your chair should stop leaning back. If the knob breaks, you must replace it with a new one.

10. Sit and Enjoy Your Gaming Chair.

After you have tried fixing the chair with all these methods, you will notice the change when you sit on it. You can enjoy it and still readjust it whenever it tilts forward too much. It is best to install the parts according to the manufacturer’s instructions, so it doesn’t lean back too early. Once you sit on the chair and feel comfortable, you can proceed with your gaming.


Fixing your gaming chair position is a straightforward and achievable process that you can do on your own. So, you don’t need to start paying someone to help you fix it whenever it leans back. Instead, you can try these methods to adjust the chair when it tilts too forward. Although, it is best to identify which part of the chair is causing the problem. Then, you can fix the part accordingly or use your user’s guide to adjust it.

I hope that you have found this article helpful and you have been able to fix your gaming chair leaning back. Well, you should always ensure to follow these methods carefully for the best results.

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