Why Do Gaming Chairs Look Like Racing Seats?


Nowadays, gaming chairs have taken a turn in popularity. You can see plenty of gamers having on since it provides the comfort that you would need while sitting for long periods of time. It has a unique design and features that you can take advantage of while gaming. Now, have you ever thought, ‘why do gaming chairs look like racing seats?’ Well, the answer is here.

Gaming chairs provide excellent support from any strain and pressure, and the same thing goes with racing seats. It kind of mimics a racing chair because it can provide comfort during long periods of sitting down. These chairs can provide relief of different pressure points and will correct back as well as lumbar support.

Gaming chairs are the perfect chairs to have if you spend hours on end playing games in front of your computer. In this article, you will learn the similarities between gaming and racing chairs. You will also know the history of the manufacturer who started making gaming chairs. Aside from that, I will also discuss the popular features that come with the chair and the reason why gaming chairs have a unique design.

Gaming and Racing Chairs: What’s the Same?

There are quite a lot of similarities when it comes to these two chairs. Also, you might be surprised by the similarities that professional gamers and racers go through on a daily basis. Now, gamers don’t usually risk their lives while sitting on their chairs, but the pressure of the bodies for sitting for hours on end is pretty much the same with professional racers.

One of the popular manufacturers producing racing seats for sports cars is DXRacer which tapped into the gaming chair market. They provide seats that have plenty of support in the back, shoulders, and spine. Having these features will ensure that they don’t become fatigued too quickly.

Even though professional gamers don’t usually endure the extreme pressures that racers do, but they do spend hours in the same seat and would need support to avoid any injuries or pain. Keep in mind that we humans are not made to sit for extended periods, so a chair that would support more than the normal ones would really help.

DXRacer’s Tapping Into the eSports Community

It has been said that the first gaming chair came from a convincing story. A company, DXRacers, who initially made seats for sports cars, saw an opportunity to tap into the eSports community. They have realized that gamers would also need to sit in a chair for hours on end, and both of these professionals have the same complaints about their comfort.

This manufacturer started making new and exciting gaming chairs that targeted eSports players. Both professionals sit for long hours without much room for adjusting how they sit. Now, the new eSports chairs are not only functional, but the designs are pretty eye-catching.

The design of gaming chairs provides a more custom feel and an interesting look. There are chairs that come with powerful reclining, USB charging slots, cup holders, and extra comfort for long-term sitting features.

Today, you can see plenty of companies that make and distribute gaming chairs after seeing how popular these things have become. Now, this doesn’t mean that every gaming chair is created the same, in any case. There are chairs that are better than others.

Popular Features that Come with Gaming Chairs

There are plenty of people who search for the perfect computer chair, and at least one of them would encounter gaming chairs. Now, what are the features that make gaming chairs popular? Well, read further to know.

Provide Great Comfort While Gaming

The very first gaming chair was created, considering the most important factor was how comfortable the chair would be. Another factor that manufacturers consider is how long someone can sit without causing much discomfort.

Both of these factors are important when it comes to choosing the right gaming chair for you. Since gamers usually are stuck in the same chair for hours, you might as well have a cozy chair to sit on.

Most gaming chairs have high and wide backs that are perfect for back and shoulder support. These parts of your body are usually the very first to get fatigued and will be injured over time when sitting for too long.

If you have tried to drive a vehicle for hours on end, you will start to feel fatigued. Now, imagine how racers feel during a race. Most race cars have special seats built into them that will help relieve stress points so that racers can focus on the sport they do instead of their backs hurting.

Gaming has been around for so long, and sometimes sitting can be stressful. Gaming chairs have been altered to provide the same comfort that racing chairs provide, with positive results.

Unlike racers, you can take the time to stretch your legs at home, but both racers and gamers will have to sit in a fixed position for hours. Doing this for too long can irritate particular pressure points on the body, and these gaming chairs are meant to minimize these pressures as much as possible.

Unique Look that Would Be Pleasing to the Eye

As you may notice, gaming chairs look strange. You can choose from different popping colors and fancy shapes that will fit your taste. One of the best appeals that gaming chairs have is that they are recognizable even from a distance.

The color and range of exciting shape makes gaming chairs more appealing to people and would want to grab their attention. Plenty of eSports and YouTubers have their own unique line of gaming chairs that you can too purchase.

There are plenty of gaming chairs that have a slick, sexy design which may not be as important as comfort but a feature that is a plus to have. Gaming chairs can come with a hefty price tag, but it would be worth it.

Adding a little bit of flare to your setup doesn’t hurt, and the gaming chair would definitely steal the spotlight. Also, remember, there is nothing wrong with splurging on nice things now and again.

Reasons Why Gaming Chairs are Popular

There are some people that don’t understand why gaming chairs are popular. The very first thing that it offers is comfort and no muscle soreness. The design of gaming chairs is meant to put a person in a neutral sitting position. This is defined as the entire body is positioned at a 90-degree angle.

Also, the back will be straight and will rest on a particular level, stable surface. Aside from that, it can also support under the neck and waist level where the legs are bent at a 90-degree that will stand firmly on the floor.

Gaming chairs are perfect for following the rules above. It is shaped like a racing car seat that can hold a person for about ten hours. The bucket-shaped design makes the gaming chair comfortable as well as ergonomic. It is meant to keep the body in the correct position, so there’s no need to monitor the position of your legs, back, arms, and neck.

You can expect to enjoy a game more while sitting on gaming chairs. You can also get features like Bluetooth connection and fans for proper thermoregulation, which will allow your body to feel as comfortable as possible. Remember, the more expensive the model, the more features it offers.

Thanks to its bright and interesting design, it would add an aesthetic feel to your computer setup. Some people point out the gaming chair’s peculiarity, but for gamers, it would be such an eye-catching appearance. If you purchase, more expensive models that are made from high-quality, hard-wearing materials like leather will repel dirt and sweat.

Gaming Chairs: Are They Really Worth It?

Gaming chairs are made to support gamers who are sitting for long hours. They are a bit cozier than a regular chair which is not designed for that. Most companies today make office chairs that have started to come out to be much comfier.

gaming chair

You can even have a custom build done to fit your needs while gaming for hours. A common complaint from first-timer users of gaming chairs is that it’s uncomfortable. However, as long as you sit on the chair correctly, you can be as comfortable as possible.

The more you take the time to sit on the chair, the more you can get used to the feel of the gaming chair.

Final Thoughts

Gaming chairs look like racing seats because racers and gamers go through the same body stress from sitting on the chair for too long. Sitting on a chair for too long can be uncomfortable, which is why gaming chairs are made to ensure you are comfortable. Even if you are not going really fast like racers, you still have the possibility of getting extreme injuries that a racer would get. Having a good chair will make all the difference in both style and comfort.

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