Haworth Fern vs Steelcase Gesture


If you are searching for a strong and comfortable office chair that has a headrest, then Haworth Fern vs Steelcase Gesture are all the best options for you. An office chair is furniture equipment that you are going to utilize for longer periods daily hence it needs to be as comfortable as possible. Moreover, you need to select a good and comfortable chair since it will indirectly or directly influence your long and short-term health plus well-being. Seating on an uncomfortable chair leads to long terms issues including muscle tension and back pain.

The main difference between Haworth Fern and Steelcase Gesture is Haworth Fern features a softer plus more contoured headrest that supports your head. Gesture features a firmer plus extra supportive headrest which helps in keeping your head in alignment. Moreover, the Haworth Fern chair is also comfier for reclining since it has a deeper seat plus a higher backrest. On the other hand, Steelcase Gesture is suitable for taller people since it has a backrest and a higher seat.

Haworth Fern Description

Haworth Fern High Performance Office Chair with Ergonomic Innovations and Flexible Mesh Back (Coal/Without Lumbar Support)

as of February 6, 2024 8:29 am

Haworth Fern is a high-performance office chair with a sleek plus modern chair made suitable for maximum comfort plus support. Moreover, this office chair is suitable for use in any office setting. In addition, this office chair is made with a strong plus durable frame which makes it perfect for use over long hours of sitting. Haworth Fern comes with a distinct design that includes a contoured backrest and seat, which adapts to the user’s body’s shape hence you will have optimal comfort and support.

This office chair is fitted with various adjustable features which include flexible lumbar support, an adjustable gas lifting height, and a tilt mechanism. With these features, the user can customize the chair to their specific preferences and needs to ensure they’re comfortable all through the workday. Moreover, this office chair also features an adjustable armrest to offer extra support to your arms and shoulders by decreasing strain and fatigue.

Haworth Fern is covered with a best-quality material that’s both comfortable plus durable. This makes it a perfect choice when sitting for longer hours. In addition, this cover fabric is also breathable, hence allowing free air circulation through the chair hence the user will remain cool plus comfortable. Haworth Fern office chair also comes with a five-star base, which makes it stable and safe hence stays in place and doesn’t tip over.

This high-performance office chair is designed with sustainability in mind. It’s made with materials that are sustainable plus environmentally friendly, hence a suitable choice for any person looking to decrease their environmental impact.


  • Ergonomics: Haworth Fern Office Chair is made to decrease the health danger associated with prolonged sitting including lower back pain, fatigue, etc. the chair features adjustable height, tilt tension, and armrests which can be customized to suit your body’s type and working habits.
  • Comfort: This office chair is designed with comfort in mind. The chair features a contoured seat plus a backrest which offers support to your lower back and offers a good posture. In addition, the chair also features an in-built lumbar support which can be adjusted to suit every user’s needs.
  • Durability: This high-performance office chair is made to last. It’s built using the best quality materials which can withstand heavy use. In addition, the chair also comes with a  five-star base that’d durable and offers stability.
  • Design: This chair features a sleek plus modern design that complements any office decoration. It’s available in various colors plus its finish matches various users’ tastes.
  • Adjustability: Haworth Fern is highly adjustable making it a suitable option for individuals with distinct body types. The chair can be changed to fit every user’s height and weight.


  • Weight limit: Haworth Fern Chair has a weight limit of only 325 pounds, which may be too low for some users.
  • Noise: When adjusting this office chair it makes some noise making it disruptive when in a quiet office environment.
  • Lacks forward tilt and an adjustable lumbar

Steelcase Gesture Description

Steelcase Gesture Office Chair, Licorice

as of February 6, 2024 8:29 am

Steelcase Gesture Chair is office furniture made with an innovative design to offer ultimate comfort plus support to people who spend long hours sitting at a desk. Furthermore, this office chair is made with ergonomics in mind. That is, it’s tailored to suit the human body’s natural movement. This results in a chair that isn’t only comfortable but also assists in decreasing the danger of injury plus fatigue created by prolonged sitting.

This office chair is made with a distinct high-back design that offers support to your entire back plus your neck and shoulders. Moreover, the chair is also made with a patented 3D LiveBack system WHICH flexes plus mimics your spine’s natural movements hence offering continuous support all through the day. In addition, this LiveBack system also assists in decreasing strain on your lower back, which is a common issue for several people who sit for prolonged periods.

The contoured seat is designed to suit your natural body shape, offering support to your thighs plus hips. This office seat is also adjustable, enabling users to change the height plus tilt to their desired position. In addition, the chair also comes with flexible and adjustable lumbar support which is easily adjusted to offer ideal lower back support.

In addition, Gesture Office Chair is made to be highly customizable. The armrest is adjustable 360 degrees to offer maximum support as you work with several interfaces and tech devices. The 360-degree swivel enables the user to comfortably turn and reach various areas of their working space. Furthermore, the chair also features a synchro-tilt mechanism. This enables a user to tilt their chair back and forth hence offering a more comfortable plus supportive sitting position.


  • Adjustable lumbar support: This office chair features 3D LiveBack technology which mimics your spine’s natural movement hence offering customized support to your lower back. With the LiveBack technology, it helps in decreasing pain plus discomfort linked with sitting for a longer period.
  • Flexibility: Steelcase Gesture armrests are completely adjustable enabling users to get the perfect angle and height to support their arms and shoulders. In addition, it also helps in decreasing fatigue and tension in the neck and shoulders. This chair’s height can be changed to accommodate users of different heights hence every person can find a perfect seating position.
  • 360-degree swivel: This office chair’s 360-degree rotation enables users to easily reach various parts of their working area minus moving their chair.
  • Tilt feature: This office chair can be tilted to lean forward or recline offering users greater comfort and flexibility while working.
  • Durable and best-quality construction: Steelcase Gesture is made using high-quality materials plus it features a strong plus durable design which ensures that it lasts for longer even with heavy use.
  • Stylish design: This office chair features a sleek plus modern design that complements every office space. Moreover, the chair is made using strong plus simple to clean material making it easier to maintain.


  • Arms don’t extend long enough to suit taller people

Comparison Between Haworth Fern and Steelcase Gesture

Materials & Build Quality

Steelcase Gesture is a best-quality chair made with durable material therefore, this chair will last longer and they are durable too. Moreover, aluminum is utilized in making chair bases which makes it durable and able to hold a higher weight capacity. Haworth fern also comes with a fabric material, plastic armrests, and an aluminum base.


The quality of plastic & aluminum material used in the Gesture is of high quality and more durable plus strong than with Haworth fern. Thus Gesture chair lasts longer, unlike the Haworth fern.

FeaturesHaworth FernSteelcase Gesture
Frame MaterialPlasticAlloy Steel
Maximum Weight Recommendation325 Pounds400 Pounds
Back StyleSolid BackSolid Back
Item Weight19.8 pounds76 pounds


Both of these chairs are highly adjustable. Thus, both of these chairs suit different users with different comfort and support needs. Moreover, Haworth Fern features several adjustability options hence there are several levers plus knobs. The best quality chair shouldn’t have several levers and knobs since several adjustability options may be overwhelming to some people.

Steelcase Gesture also offers adequate adjustability options. The chair features a variety of customization options.


When it comes to comfort, Fern is ultra-comfortable. Its seat feels like cradling. Moreover, though Gesture isn’t as cradling as Fern, it’s decently comfortable but some people find it tiring and uncomfortable.

  FeatureSteelcase GestureHaworth Fern
Adjustable LumbarYesNo
Adjustable HeightYesYes
Arm RestAdjustable height and 360-degreess rotatingAdjustable height
Recline tension adjustment4 position recline lockLacks reclining adjustment


The Steelcase gesture and the Haworth Fern are all comfortable chairs for use in your office space. A comfortable office chair will encourage your body to remain in an upright posture hence you will have maximum comfort. However, in terms of Comfort-wise, more users find Fern a better choice but the chair isn’t as strong as Gesture.

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