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Haworth is a leader in the office furniture industry, and its Very and Zody chairs are among the most popular on the market. Both offer sleek, modern designs that look great in any office space or home.

Well, Haworth very vs zody is a hot debate among office furniture connoisseurs. Both chairs have pros and cons, but what are their main difference? The main difference lies in its dimensions; Haworth very has dimensions of 27 “D x 26” W x 39 “H, whereas Zody has ‎29 “D x 29” W x 40 “H. These two chairs are considered identical in terms of comfort and ergonomics.

In this article, we will compare the features and specs of two chairs to assist you in determining which one is best suited for your office needs.

So before deciding, let’s read on and determine the difference between the two.

Haworth Very

Haworth Very Office Chair with Ergonomic Adjustments and Lumbar Support (Black/with Tilt Feature)

as of January 24, 2024 8:12 am

Nothing can ruin your day like a wrong chair. The Haworth Very Office Chair is the perfect choice for your workspace; it’s designed to keep you comfortable, no matter how long the work week gets. This ergonomic classic combines a sleek, modern look with various adjustable features to provide personalized and tailored support.

Plus, it lets you take control of your lumbar support on both sides individually, allowing you to customize your comfort level based on what works best for your body type.

The Haworth Very Office Chair is designed to move with you as you work. This chair will be customised to your specifications, featuring a seat height adjustment, padded 4-dimensional arms and tilt tension control.

Whether you’re working on a big project that has you at your desk all day or moving around the office doing errands, this chair gives you something we can all appreciate: freedom of movement without compromising brilliant ergonomic support. And if comfort wasn’t enough, it comes with a weight capacity of up to 325 lb.

Unlike many other chairs that require hours of assembly time, this one arrives ready to use directly from the box. Cut out that hassle and let yourself focus on more important things. And when it comes to reliability and longevity, our 12-year warranty stands as a testament to its craftsmanship.

But it’s not just about getting you set up quickly; it’s also about caring for the planet. The Haworth Very Office Chair is BIFMA Level 3 Certified, with all its production processes meeting the highest environmental standards.

Pros Of Using Haworth Very

Some of the pros of this chair include the following:

  1. Ergonomic Design: The Haworth Very office chair is designed with ergonomics in mind, providing your body with the support you need to stay comfortable and supported throughout the day.
  2. Great Adjustability: The Haworth Very is ideal for a super customizable chair. It has multiple adjustable features, so you can customize it to fit your specifications.
  3. 4D Adjustable Arms: This chair has 4D adjustable arms that can slide, move up and down, or rotate for maximum comfort and support. With a wide range of motion, these arms are great for those who use their chair for long periods.
  4. Advanced Lumber Support: Regarding lumbar support, the Haworth Very chair takes it to a whole new level. It features advanced lumber support on both sides, so you can adjust the support and comfort according to your body type.

Cons Of Using Haworth Very

The major con of using the Haworth Very office chair is that the plastic parts and upholstery are not as durable as other materials.

Howorth Zody

Zody Chair by Haworth

1 used from $359.00
as of January 24, 2024 8:12 am

The Haworth Zody Office Chair is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their workspace with an ergonomic chair designed by experts. This chair takes your comfort and support seriously, providing contoured seating with various adjustable features to keep you comfortable all day.

Whether sitting at your desk for long hours or frequently getting up to move around, the Zody will be there for you. Designed with an impressive weight capacity of up to 300 lbs (Approx), this chair is made with durability in mind.

It features a breathable mesh back support that keeps you cool and comfortable during sitting and adjustable lumbar support so you can customize the fit.

Plus, it has tilt tension control, 4D adjustable arms and a seat height adjustment that lets you find your perfect position.

Weighing in at 55 pounds of quality office chair goodness, this piece will last for years. Not only does it look great in any space with its sleek yet simple design, but it’s also comfortable to keep you focused and productive while working hard. You won’t regret adding this chair to your office, trust us.

Haworth Zody Office Chair combines science-based wellness and comfort, sleek international design, and witty, attractive style. Are you tired of feeling sluggish after a long day at your desk? Struggle no more with our revolutionary Haworth Zody office chair.

This breathable solution is ergonomically designed for superior comfort and ensures maximum relaxation without compromising your posture. Its mesh back and seat provide an enhanced level of support that effectively aligns your back with your neck and hips to relieve tension in those hard-to-reach areas, worried about commitment?

This chair is strong enough to last through daily use while remaining lightweight and stylish. No matter what kind of work you do, the features offered by this chair guarantee success in keeping you comfortable throughout each task. It’s time to step up your workspace game: get smashing results with the clever yet attractive Haworth Zody Office Chair.

Pros Of Using Haworth Zody

There are several advantages of using the Haworth Zody Office Chair, which include:

Breathable Mesh Back Support: The breathable mesh back support provides superior comfort and keeps your body cool while sitting. It also helps with the proper alignment of your spine and neck. This feature is essential if you’re sitting at your desk for an extended time.

  1. Adjustable Lumbar Support: The adjustable lumbar support ensures that the chair fits your body type. The Haworth Zody provides significant lumbar adjustment to customize your needs.
  2. Modern Look And Feel: Everyone needs an office chair that looks modern and sophisticated. The Haworth Zody offers superior comfort and adds a touch of style to your workspace with its simple yet stylish design.
  3. Tremendous Durability: Thanks to its robust construction and quality materials, the Haworth Zody Office Chair is designed to last. This is an excellent feature for those using their chairs daily as it ensures the chair won’t break down quickly.
  4. Vented Back: The vented back is designed to reduce heat buildup while sitting effectively. This is an excellent feature for those that tend to get hot quickly while sitting at their desks.
  5. Rolls Easily: The Haworth Zody Office Chair moves around with ease, thanks to its included caster wheels. This is an excellent feature for those who must carry their chair around.

Cons Of Using Haworth Zody

Though the Haworth Zody Office Chair has many great features, there are also some drawbacks. These include:

  • The inadequate padding on the seat can make it uncomfortable for those sitting for long periods.
  • The chair is not suitable for people with skinny butts.

Comparison Between Haworth Very Vs Zody

Well, both office chairs are pretty good in their way. Haworth very has a simple design, whereas Zody is more modern and stylish. Also, Haworth very comes with an adjustable recline tilt tensioner and 4D armrests that can be adjusted according to your preferences.

We are going to compare both chairs with their features so that you can make a better decision.

Let’s find out some more differences between them.


Product NameHaworth VeryHaworth Zody
DesignSimple Odd DesignModern Aesthetic Design

In respect of design, zody offers modern aesthetics with more advanced features. It comes with a breathable mesh back and adjustable lumbar support for superior comfort, whereas the Haworth very has a simpler design that is not much appealing.

In this category, Zody is the clear winner.

Cushioning Effect

When it comes to cushioning, Haworth very provides a better cushioning effect as compared to Zody. It has adequate padding on the seat, making it comfortable for long hours of sitting. On the other hand, Zody doesn’t provide much cushioning effect and can be uncomfortable for those sitting for long periods for skinny butts.

In this category, Haworth Very is the winner.


Haworth very has an ergonomic backrest that can be adjusted in three different positions. It also has an adjustable recline tilt tensioner and 4D armrests for added comfort. On the other hand, Zody provides breathable mesh back support.

Both chairs offer equal backrest comfort.


People show that Very is somewhat more expensive than Haworth Zody. So, if you are on a tight budget, Haworth Zody is the best choice.

In terms of price, Haworth Zody is more pocket friendly.

Products Dimensions

Product NameHaworth VeryHaworth Zody
Product Dimensions27 “D x 26” W x 39 “H‎29 “D x 29” W x 40 “H

Haworth very has dimensions of 27 “D x 26” W x 39 “H, whereas Zody has ‎29 “D x 29” W x 40 “H, so the latter is larger than the former one.

In this category, Zody is the clear winner.

Haworth Very Vs Zody | Which One To Choose

We genuinely understand the dilemma of choosing between Haworth very vs Zody office chairs. Though both are good in their way, if you were to make a decision, we suggest you choose the one that meets your requirements and budget.

Both Haworth very and Zody are great office chairs with many features. It depends on your preferences and needs which chair you should choose. If you want a stylish, modern look, Zody is the better choice for you, whereas if budget is your concern, then Haworth very would be the perfect option.

Wrap Up

With this comparison guide, you have the power to make an educated decision as it pits Haworth Very and Zody office chairs against each other.

With exceptional features, quality construction, and unparalleled comfortability in both chairs, you can easily pick the one that best meets your needs. To ensure you get the perfect fit, we’ve included a comprehensive breakdown of each chair’s pros and cons so there are no surprises.

Now it’s time to make the perfect pick for your next journey! Before settling on a chair, examine its features and evaluate them with your requirements. Best of luck in making an informed decision!

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