Herman Miller Mirra vs Sayl: Which One Is Right For You?


Herman Miller produces unbeatable office chairs in terms of performance, appearance, and comfort. They are ideal for sitting while working all day long behind a desk. Mirra and Sayl have been topping the list, along with all Herman Miller chairs. But how to choose one between them?

The main differences between Herman Miller Mirra and Sayl are major. These include the prices, overall weight, recline angle, and design. The Herman Miller Mirra is $200 cheaper than the Sayl. However, the Sayl has an overall weight of 37 lbs, whereas the Mirra has an overall weight of 49 lbs. At the same time, the Sayl has a better reclining angle and 3D technological design.

In this article, you will learn more about Herman Miller Mirra and Sayl. You will also get a detailed comparison between Herman Miller Mirra and Sayl. You will also know which is better for your preference and needs.

So, without further ado, let us get into the essential details.

Herman Miller Mirra

Mirra Chair-Highly Adjustable by Herman Miller - Open Box

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The Herman Miller Mirra is a comfortable office chair that provides incredible support. The chair has a back support that aids flexibility while allowing you to move freely. In addition, it features a backrest with plenty of holes for ventilation to help you stay cool.

The seat of the Mirra chair balances your position by evenly distributing your weight. The width of the seat and back effectively accommodates any weight and height. In addition, this chair offers an excellent reclining position that allows your feet to stay on the ground while reclining.

The Mirra chair has different adjustable components, which makes it customizable to whatever position you want. Every user can customize the chair for maximum comfort and relaxation with a few adjustments in different areas.

Pros Of Herman Miller Mirra

Herman Miller Mirra has many advantages that offer the users greater comfort and consider ergonomic features.

Well, let me list down all the Pros of the Herman Miller Mirra chair.

  • Ensures Proper Weight Distribution: The chair has a suspended mesh seat that accommodates your posterior and ensures proper weight distribution.
  • Very Spacious: The Mirra chair is pretty spacious, with a seat width of 488mm and 432mm depth, with an expanded backrest.
  • Comfortable Backrest: It has a sturdy mesh plastic back with a geometric shape that doesn’t feel like a mesh and automatically shapes to the back of the user.
  • Below Beltline Support: The base of the back of this chair offers a PostureFit camber shape to provide beneficial and relaxing support to the lower back.
  • Pliable Tri-Flex Back: The flexible elastic back of the chair supports the entire spine and complies with posture, size, and movements.
  • Excellent Ergonomics: Herman Miller Mirra has great ergonomics with nine possible adjustments, including arm height, arm angle, arm width, seat depth, seat height, tilt tension, forward tilt, tilt limiter, and fully adjustable lumbar support.
  • Wheel Castors: The chair offers the option of standard carpet wheel castors and deep carpet or hard floor castors that ensures efficient roll and swift movements.

Cons of Herman Miller Mirra

The Herman Miller Mirra has a few drawbacks. These include:

  • The seat mesh around the hamstring area is as deep and flexible compared to other parts of the seat. So, it puts pressure on the user’s hamstring over time.
  • The chair recline only allows the user to lean back slightly—the reclining angle measures 20 to 30 degrees which is small compared to other chairs.

Herman Miller Sayl

Herman Miller Sayl Ergonomic Office Chair with Tilt Limiter and Carpet Casters | Stationary Seat Depth and Arms | Black Frame with Licorice Crepe Seat

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The Herman Miller Sayl is a modern office chair with innovative features and a fantastic design. This chair offers style, quality, and high performance. You can sit on the Sayl chair all day without feeling any pressure on your back. This feature makes it stand out among all other office chairs.

The Herman Miller Sayl design was an inspiration from suspension bridge structures that give the best with the least material. The engineering principle of these structures, combined with remarkable aesthetic features, led to the creation of the Sayl. The chair design uses less material to comfort and support the user.

The Herman Miller Sayl comes with adjustable lumbar support. The backrest provides adequate support in transition areas along the spine, allowing complete mobility and flexibility while seated. The best part is the back material keeps you cool.

The chair’s additional features include hollowing out structural components to reduce weight and volume and a single fused arm structure, ArcSpan, and tilt mechanism in a sturdy part to reduce the chair’s weight.

Pros Of Herman Miller Sayl

Moving on to the benefits, let me point down all the advantages of the Herman Miller Sayl below:

  • Adjustable Lumbar Support: The chair has optional lumbar support, and it is adjustable to over a ten centimeters range.
  • Great Design: The Sayl has a signature back with a creative Y-Tower armature and an elastomer back with adequate ventilation that conforms with every user.
  • Back Support: The 3D Intelligent support of the Sayl back gives the support the user needs by allowing the spine to maintain its natural shape.
  • Excellent Ergonomics: The Herman Miller Sayl has unique ergonomic features with adjustable seat depth, height, forward tilt, limiter, and fully adjustable armrests.
  • Wheel Castors: The chair offers carpet wheel castors and hard floor castors that ensure swift movement, irrespective of the floor type.
  • Ensures Proper Weight Distribution: The backrest design encourages proper seating and adequate distribution.
  • Light Weight: The chair’s structure ensures it weighs less than other office chairs.

Cons Of Herman Miller Sayl

The drawbacks of the Herman Miller Sayl chair include the following;

  • The Herman Miller Sayl chair is hardly customizable.
  • This chair is not comfortable for more extensive and taller users.
  • The Sayl offers no neck and head support.

Comparison Between Herman Miller Mirra and Sayl

In this section, let us compare the two chairs to understand better so it would be easier to decide.

Ergonomic Features

Herman Miller Mirra and Sayl come with superior ergonomic features for their designs, the features on both chairs are hardly different. They come with adjustable lumbar supports, adjustable seats, armrests, and tilt positions.

However, the Mirra has more adjustable features than the Sayl. You can carry out nine adjustments on the Mirra. At the same time, the lumber support of the Mirra is fully adjustable, while that of the Sayl is adjustable to over ten centimeters.

In addition, The recline feature is where Herman Miller Sayl is different from the Mirra because the sayl has up to three tilt settings which are 91, 101, and 124 degrees. It allows you to choose one of these ranges, whereas the Mirra can only tilt up to 30 degrees. As a result, the Sayl is more comfortable.

Summary: Although both of these products have standard ergonomic features, the Mirra has more adjustable features.


The price of most Herman Miller chairs is about the average pricing range of regular ergonomic office chairs. However, the price might vary sometimes depending on several factors. So, I will be providing the links for you to check the current price on Amazon.

The Herman Miller Mirra is quite standard for its price. However, the price of this chair can change anytime. So, you can check out the price of the Herman Miller Mirra here.

On the other hand, the Herman Miller Sayl is a bit more expensive. You can check out the latest price on of the Herman Miller Sayl here.

Summary: it’ll cost you a couple hundred dollars more to purchase a Herman Miller Sayl than it’ll cost for a Herman Miller Mirra.

Size and Weight Capacity

To get an overview of the specification of Herman Miller Mirra and Sayl, check out the table provided below:

SpecificationsHerman Miller MirraHerman Miller Sayl
Chair Dimensions41.75-43.75″ x 27″  x 17″‎26″ x 24.5″ x 37″
Max Recline AngleUp to 30 degreesUp to 124 degrees
Weight22 kg or 49 lbs17 kg or 37 lbs
Assembled Height  16-20.5 inches35 inches
Maximum weight capacity300lbs300lbs

Summary: When you compare Herman Miller Mirra and Sayl, Mirra is comparatively bigger, but they both have the same weight capacity. However, Sayl is taller than the Mirra, which can be an advantage for people who want a taller chair.

Build Quality

Both the Mirra and Sayl have good build quality. But the Sayl ultimately beats the Mirra in this category.

The Sayl design replicates a 3D Intelligent suspension that offers more stability and comfort. On the other hand, the mesh of the Mirra causes discomfort around the hamstring area, although the chair feels strong.

Regarding build quality, the Sayl ArcSpan and Y-Tower are two innovations that improve it. The former helps to shape the back and support the suspension fabric, while the latter stretches the fabric and provides body support.

The Mirra has a wide plastic back and a mesh seat that may likely feel unsteady over time. The Sayl’s suspended back is a flexible elastomer that adjusts to each user’s shape and size. Although, the several adjustable features on the Mirra may make it a better choice for multiple users.

Summary: The Herman Miller Sayl had a better build quality than the Herman Miller Mirra. However, the difference is minimal, as they are both built strongly.

My Recommendation

After carefully outlining the features, similarities, and differences between Herman Miller Mirra and Sayl office chairs, it eventually leads to one question: which chair should you get?

Well, it depends on your needs and personal preference. But, if making a choice is still challenging, let me help you decide. Both the chairs are amazing with individual unique features. In addition, the two chairs both offer comfort and support to any user.

However, if you need a budget-friendly office chair with many features and superior build quality, then the Herman Miller Mirra is perfect. Although, it is best to keep its limited reclining angle in mind before choosing it.

When you need a light weighted chair with an excellent aesthetic design and equal weight capacity, it is best to choose the Herman Miller Sayl. However, the backrest may cause discomfort if you are taller or heavier.

Therefore, if you occasionally have back pain and need a chair to help your health, then Sayl may not be ideal for you. However, Mirra’s wide backrest offers you the comfort you need. However, if you want an office chair with 3D technology, a suspended back, and great reclining angles, the Sayl may be your best option.

Final Verdict

Both chairs are superior quality products that will give you a fantastic experience depending on your needs and preferences. However, Sayl’s advanced technology and aesthetics make it different from Mirra’s simple design.

It also helps to consider the price, weight, and tilt angles while considering the chair to get. The Mirra is more affordable but with a heavier weight and lesser technology. But, it is a better option for health reasons and the ability to accommodate various sizes and heights.

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