How Much Does It Cost to Reupholster a Club Chair?


When you have a precious club chair in your home, you would want to keep it looking great at all times. However, as years pass, it can look tired and worn out from daily use. Reupholstering chairs is the best way to save money since you don’t need to buy whole new furniture. Now, how much does it cost to reupholster a club chair? The answer is here!

Reupholstering a club chair can range from $280 to $900. If your club chair is large, you would need more fabric for the reupholstering service, usually between three to five yards. With this said, it can raise the price. Aside from that, the buttons that are used to achieve tufted upholstery can also take a considerable amount of time to remove and replace, which will cost labor cost.

Reupholstering your chair is the best way to preserve your chair, especially when there’s sentimental value to the chair. In this article, I will talk about whether the reupholstery of your club chair is worth it and what are the things that you should consider in the total price of the service.

Reupholstering a Club Chair: Is It Really Worth It?

One of the best ways to contribute to the environment and save that favorite club chair of yours is to reupholster it. Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not always an inexpensive choice. To tell you the truth, reupholstering your club chair can cost as much as buying a new one.

For instance, the cost of reupholstering a chair cushion can go up to $150 if that’s the only problem that you have with your chair. If you need to repair and re-pad the same chair the cost can go up from $1,100 to $1,500. With this said, it’s not always the cheaper option but it can be definitely worthwhile if you want to save your favorite chair.

What to Consider Before Reupholstering Your Club Chair

There are different factors that you need to consider when reupholstering your club chair. You need to consider how old the chair is and whether it is being used regularly. When your chair has lasted for years, chances are it is well-made and sturdy enough to last for years to come.

Next, you need to consider the frame of your chair. You need to know if the frame is solid and sturdy, or if it is made from hardwood materials. Most of the time manufacturers use hardwood for the frame especially when it’s high-quality.

Chairs that are not as expensive are usually made from engineered wood and the joints are stapled. With high-quality chairs, the joints are usually attached to the joints by dowels and glue or screws.

Consider how you really like the club chair. If the style is unique and you can’t find another piece like it in any other store, then reupholstering it is the best choice for you. Another thing that you need to consider is whether the chair has sentimental value to you or it’s a family heirloom. You would want to bring it back to what it was no matter what.

Factors that Goes Into Calculating the Cost of Reupholstering Club Chairs

Now, the overall price of reupholstering your club chair would depend on a few different important factors. It includes the type of chair and fabric, the amount of fabric needed, transportation fees, and labor prices.

Fabric Type

Club chairs usually have different types of fabrics that are used to reupholster the chair seats, cushions, and backs. The fabric type usually is a big part of the final price when it comes to reupholstering. Fabric types can vary from acrylic ($40 to $70) to faux leather ($10 to $20) to wool ($60 to $100).

When you use natural fabric to reupholster club chairs, it is the best choice of fabric. Now, the best type of natural fabric would depend on your intent use and specific needs. There is a wide range of natural fabrics that you can choose from, such as cotton blends, denim, bamboo, leather, suede, and mohair.

Materials like silk, wool, and leather, are a bit more expensive than the other fabrics and they require more attention from professionals who know how to handle delicate fabrics. Cotton blend fabrics and cotton are more popular since they are durable and easy to maintain.

Natural fabrics are more breathable and way easy to maintain. These can be a great benefit for people who live in humid and warm climates.

On the other hand, the synthetic fabric can also be used in reupholstering a club chair. These would include polyester, vinyl, olefin, faux leather, and nylon. Now, these are more budget-friendly and extremely durable.

Acrylic fabrics are not as durable as a polyester options but these materials are shrink-resistant and wrinkle-resistant. These materials also offer great color retention. Vinyl fabric can be the best choice for reupholstering chairs since it sees a lot of use in high-traffic areas like dining rooms and kitchens.

Synthetic fabrics have a lot of benefits like stain resistance, longevity, and durability. For these fabrics, the price can range from $25 to $45.

Fabric Amount

Most club chairs would need one to ten yards of fabric. Reupholstering materials would range from $50 to $70 per yard. Depending on the size, you may need more fabric than others. It is best to consider the fabric amount as it would be a big factor in the cost of reupholstering your club chair.

Labor Fees

As mentioned above, you also have to consider the labor fees. If you are going to hire an upholstery professional, they usually range from $40 to $100 per hour for labor. The labor would depend on the type of chair and the level of difficulty that would need to finalize the reupholstering.

Transportation Fees

When the chair is too large to fit not the car to make the drive to your professional upholsterer, you would need to transport it to and from the shop. There would be a transportation fee added to the entire cost.

Depending on the size of your club chair, the professional transportation fee would range from $100 to $300.

Consider the Additional Costs

When you are budgeting the cost for your reupholstering, plenty of people would find that there are additional costs that you need to consider. Adding these additional costs would change the overall price of the reupholstering.

Other costs would include the upholstery or structural repair, padding replacement, and restoration of antique chair costs. These are just some of the considerations as there may be other things that come into this category.

Padding Replacement Costs

Once the chair’s padding is worn out and flattened, you need to consider a replacement. The cost would be about $25 and the cost of two new foam seat pads can range between $40 to $75 per cushion.

Antique Chair Restoration Fees

If you have an antique club chair, the upholstery may look worn out from years of use, and reupholstering it can save it from ending up in the garbage. It can take time to restore a piece of antique furniture which can lead to higher labor costs.

Investing in reupholstery is worth the cost of keeping the chair in good condition for years. It is still better to reupholster an antique chair since it would be worth something one day or it is an important part of you and your family’s history.

Other Additional Service Costs

If you are using a professional upholsterer they may offer additional services and enhancements. You can choose from adding decorative trim, replacing seat and cushion padding, replacing any broken woven cane, cleaning the upholstery, making structural repairs, and replacing buttons and other embellishments.

The additional cost would depend on the extent of repair needed for your club chair. You should also consider the time required to complete the project and, of course, the type of chair.

For a club chair, it would cost from $280 to $900 for a full reupholstery job. If you have a large chair, it would mean you would need more fabric, usually between three to five yards, which can raise the price. The buttons are used to achieve a tufted upholstery look which can take a considerable amount of time to remove and replace, which will increase the cost.

Final Thoughts

When it comes to reupholstering your club chair, it is important that you consider the different factors that come with the cost. There are times when reupholstering can be more expensive than buying a new one. However, it would be worth it if the chair is antique or has sentimental value to you or your family. The overall cost would depend on the size of the chair, the fabric, and the size. The cost can range from $280 to $900. Make sure that you know what to consider in reupholstering and whether it would be worth it. Consider whether you need upholstery or just buy an entirely new one.

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