IKEA Markus vs Herman Miller Aeron: Which is the Better Office Chair?


Are you looking for a good office chair for your space? Chances are you’ll get suggestions to buy from IKEA or Herman Miller. These are two brands popular for their range of ergonomic office chairs. This article focuses on the IKEA Markus vs Herman Miller Aeron.

But what sets these chairs apart? From my observation, the ergonomics of both chairs are different. Then again, Herman Miller Aeron is more expensive than IKEA Markus.

By the end of this review, you will know everything about the IKEA Markus and Herman Miller Aeron. And hopefully, you will be able to make the best choice.

So, let’s get started!

Ikea Markus

Ikea Markus Leather Executive Office Chair

4 new from $348.00
as of January 11, 2024 11:05 am

IKEA Markus is arguably the most popular Ikea office chair. It is a minimalistic executive office chair known and loved for its simplicity.

The design is nothing over the top. So if you like something simple and versatile, you got it here. The Markus has a regular leather seat with a signature high backrest. This is where IKEA sets Markus apart from other office chairs.

The backrest sports a leather and breathable mesh back. The headrest and sides of the backrest are covered in leather, while the rest is mesh. The backrest has a curved design that imitates the natural curve of your back. It also has fixed lumbar support to support your lower back.

The chair has standard armrests covered in leather to support your arms and wrists. It also has a tilt and lock function. All in all, the Markus is a comfortable chair that will serve your office needs right.

Pros of IKEA Markus

  1. Soft, breathable fabric: Unlike most office chairs on the market, the Markus has soft and breathable mesh fabric upholstery.No matter how long you sit, the material doesn’t get warm or sticky, which is perfect for hot climates.
  1. Lumbar Support: The chair has a lumbar pad fixed in the backrest to support your lower back.
  1. Comfort: Ikea is famous for its comfortable furniture, and the Markus is no different. The backrest has a curved design to cradle your back gently. The leather-padded armrests provide a comfortable cushion for your arms and wrists.
  1. Headrest: The Markus has a fully padded leather headrest that provides a soft cushion for your head.
  1. Budget-friendly: The best thing about the Ikea Markus is its price. It is relatively cheaper compared to its peers on the market.

Cons of IKEA Markus

  1. It comes in only one size.
  1. The headrest is not adjustable.

Herman Miller Aeron

Herman Miller Aeron Ergonomic Chair - Size C, Carbon

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as of January 11, 2024 11:05 am

First released in 1994, the Aeron chair was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick. In 2010, it received the prestigious title of “America’s best-selling chair.” It is no wonder the chair has received various accolades for its modern design.

Being over 20 years old, the Aeron has been remastered for our present work life. First, it sets itself apart from its peers with its sophisticated design. It has a distinct full mesh all-fabric upholstery.

The Aeron has a contoured backrest with Adjustable PostureFit Sacral/Lumbar support. This comes in the form of two individual pads behind the backrest. These pads work by flexing independently to provide support for your back. You can also adjust the pads to fit the natural curve of your spine better.

The chair comes with fully adjustable arms and a backrest with a full recline. In summary, the Herman Miller Aeron is your sure bet if you want the highest comfort.

Pros of Herman Miller Aeron

  1. Modern Design: The Aeron chair takes a sharp turn from regular. It has a sleek modern mesh all-fabric and contoured design.
  1. Comfort: This chair offers comfort and more. The soft mesh fabric settles against the skin smoothly. The contoured backrest follows the tilt of the spine, providing support to the back. Also, the seat is semi-contoured to cradle the bottom nicely.
  1. Highly Adjustable Arms: The Aeron has very adjustable 3D arms. You adjust them in all three dimensions.
  1. Lumbar Support: Two individual pads behind the backrest support the lower back.
  1. Availability: The Aeron chair is available in three different sizes.
  1. Warranty: Herman Miller backs this chair up with a minimum of 12 years warranty.

Cons of Herman Miller Aeron

  1. It comes at a higher price.
  1. The chair has no headrest.

IKEA Markus vs Herman Miller Aeron: A Thorough Comparison


IKEA Markus

The IKEA Markus has a minimalistic design. Its uniqueness lies in its simplicity. But that doesn’t mean there is nothing special about it.

The Markus chair comes with standard leather and mesh fabric upholstery. The headrest, sides, armrest, and seat have a leather covering.

The seat is flat and more robust compared to the Aeron. However, the seat pan is not as deep. Moreover, it does not contour the buttocks as much as the Aeron.

While some may see this as an inconvenience, I don’t think it matters as much. For one, the best pan not being so deep means you can’t slouch. This is perfect if you have a problem with bad posture. You are bound to have a healthy back as sitting in IKEA’s Markus fosters a good sitting posture.

Herman Miller Aeron

The Aeron has a breathable mesh fabric seat and back design, Herman Miller’s ever departure from the norm. If you think this is your average everyday fabric, think again. The Aeron received accolades for its industrial design for a reason.

The armrests are foam padded and covered with leather for optimal arm comfort. The seat has a semi-contoured design, unlike the flat one of the Markus. This means that the Aeron is better equipped to cradle your bottom better and reduce pain when sitting for prolonged periods.

The Aeron is better suited if you want a chair that screams modern and elegance (and maybe envy, hehe!). It adds that touch of sophistication to your workstation or home office.

Backrest/Lumbar Support

IKEA Markus

While not exceptional, some may see Markus’ lumbar support as a downside. But that’s not necessarily the case. The lumbar is fixed in the backrest (not adjustable, sorry to disappoint you), but it’s well-positioned. It will still provide good support for your back.

The backrest of the Markus is exceptionally high. It comes as no surprise as most office chairs are high-backed. The backrest is mesh, topped off with a leather-covered headrest.

Herman Miller Aeron

On the other hand, the Aeron’s backrest is not as high. It is more mid-sized. The backrest has no spot of leather. It is all fabric.

The backrest is one edge the Aeron has over the Markus. It is expected because it is of a higher build and more expensive.

The Aeron offers their brand new Adjustable PostureFit SL, a set of pads you can adjust to get that perfect spot. This advanced lumbar support provides better lower back support. So if back pain is the plane of your existence, the Aeron will do you good.


IKEA Markus

While the design and workings of the Markus chair lean towards minimalism, it still has some adjustable features. Still, the adjustability of this chair has a long way to go compared to the Aeron.

The Markus can tilt and lock, and you can adjust the seat height. But it won’t recline as much as the Aeron. It is targeted at the lower end of the market, so you don’t really expect most of the higher-price chairs’ features.

Herman Miller Aeron

Now, if you’re keen on an office chair’s adjustability, the Aeron might be a better choice.

The adjustability of this chair is unmatched. You can set the recline at upright, mid-recline, or full-recline. The seat has height and depth adjustment. The 3D armrests are highly adjustable with adjustable lumbar support as well.


IKEA Markus

The presence of the headrest in IKEA’s Markus is its prominent edge over the Markus chair. The headrest is hard to miss over the mesh backrest covered in leather.

Herman Miller Aeron

The Aeron chair comes without a headrest. This might be an issue, but I think the contoured backrest makes up for it.


IKEA Markus

This is the most glaring difference between both chairs. IKEA made the Markus for the lower end of the market. You’re not going to break the bank getting this chair. Check the latest price for IKEA Markus here.

Herman Miller Aeron

On the other hand, the Aeron chair costs up to 10x the Markus. Yes, it is pretty expensive. If you’re looking for a budget-friendly office chair. You can check the latest price of Herman Miller Aeron here.

IKEA Markus vs Herman Miller Aeron: Which One Should I Get?

Now, it all comes down to the most important decision – which office chair should you get? Well, what you get will be based on your needs, preferences, and, more importantly, your budget.

If you want something simple that works just fine without breaking the bank, the IKEA Markus will do you just fine.

It has a minimalist design, wider cushion, and headrest; of course, it is cheaper. The issues with it are the limited adjustability and minimal ergonomics. Apart from these, the chair works just fine. Oh, and it comes with 10 years warranty. That’s more than impressive for a low-budget chair.

If you want a chair that makes a statement with all the works, Herman Miller is all that and more. It has a more elegant look, better ergonomics, better adjustability, more sizes, a whooping 12 years warranty, and overall better comfort.

But this comes at a way higher price. Again, there is no headrest.

Which chair will be the latest addition to your office?

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