IKEA Pello vs Poang: Which Chair is Best for Your Living Room?


Choosing a comfortable armchair can be a little difficult because whatever choice you make is what you’ll be stuck with in the end. You finally find a chair that suits you but needs help deciding which to select from IKEA Pello and Poang.

Let’s make this easier for you with the difference between IKEA Pello and Poang. Poang is more expensive than Pello and comes in several color varieties, unlike Pello, which only comes in one color. Also, Poang is better suited for taller people than Pello. They are of different materials; Poang is from solid wood, and Pello is from wood veneer.

In this article, you will learn all about IKEA Pello and Poang. Furthermore, you’ll also learn the comparison between these two armchairs so you can select which armchair is better suited for you.

So, without further ado, let’s get down into business. Happy Reading.

IKEA Pello

IKEA Pello Armchair, Holmby Natural

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as of February 4, 2024 12:18 am

The IKEA Pello armchair is designed for comfort, is close to the ground, and is suitable for those not too tall. The way IKEA designed this chair is that it’s broader and shorter. Hence, why it’s suitable for someone with a shorter frame.

The Pello chair is available in one standard color, the Holmby natural, with the cover and frame in a light cream color. However, if you’re concerned with how your Pello chair is and want a different color, you can order a custom-made cover or frame.

Pello chair has a solid frame which ensures it lasts a long time. You only need to ensure you properly install the screws and joints of the chair.

Pros of IKEA Pello

There are many benefits the Pello chair offers that set it apart from other chairs.

Let’s examine the pros of using the IKEA Pello chair;

  1. It is very comfortable for sitting, especially for some who don’t have a large frame.
  2. You can take a quick nap on the Pello chair.
  3. It can last long if you properly fix the screws.
  4. You can resell or disassemble it when moving.
  5. The cushion of the Pello chair is made of polyurethane foam and polyester wadding, providing better comfort for your neck.
  6. It is cheaper than other IKEA armchairs and comfortable for your lower back.

Cons of IKEA Pello

As comfortable as the Pello armchair is, it has drawbacks.

The drawbacks of IKEA include the following;

  1. This armchair is only available in one color, which is Holmby natural.
  2. You have to spend extra if you want to make your chair colorful by spending extra on ordering a custom-made cover.
  3. You might get stiff hands sitting on this chair for a long due to a lack of padding.
  4. It is not suitable for someone with a tall frame as they’ll get backache quickly when sitting on this chair for so long.
  5. It is challenging to maintain the color of the cushion of the Pello chair.

IKEA Poang

Ikea Poang Chair Armchair with Cushion, Cover and Frame (Birch Veneer, Hillared Anthracite)

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as of February 4, 2024 12:18 am

The IKEA Poang armchair is a quality chair designed for comfort, and it is available in different colors for the cover and frames. The cool thing about a Poang chair is that you can order them with a footstool which makes sitting on it comfortable.

This chair is excellent for the comfort of your lower back. You can go as far as breastfeeding on this chair due to its comfort in your lower back. In addition, it has a removable cushion that you can wash, which makes it easier to maintain.

Notwithstanding your height, the Poang chair makes you comfortable sitting on it. It has a higher seat and is more suited for someone with a tall frame. However, if you’re also of average height, find it comfortable.

Pros of IKEA Poang

We now know about Poang chair attributes; let’s look at the benefits of this chair in your home.

Below are the pros of having a Poang chair.

  1. Having a Poang chair in your home adds style and color to your home. In addition, the different colors of covers available add color to your home.
  2. It is comfortable for sitting and resting your frame for a long time.
  3. If you have a tall frame, you can sit on this chair for a long time without having a backache.
  4. Disassembling and reassembling the chair to move or when relocating is easy.
  5. It is a durable chair.

Cons of IKEA Poang

As excellent as the Poang chairs are, they could be better and have drawbacks.

Listed below are the drawbacks of having a Poang chair in your home.

  1. It is more expensive than some other IKEA chairs. However, you may want to spend less on it for the comfort you can get in a cheaper chair.
  2. If you have a slight build, sitting in this chair might not be convenient for you as the design of this chair is high.
  3. Over time, the cushion might lose its thickness.

Similarities Between Pello Vs. Poang Chairs

The Pello and Poang chairs manufacturers are the same company and have similar functions.

Let’s look at the similarities of these chairs to know what makes your choice difficult for you.


The Pello and the Poang chairs have a warranty on them that covers the same duration, which is ten years.

Footstool Use

When buying a Poang chair, you can buy a footstool to make you enjoy your Poang chair better. However, you can also use the Poang footstool with your Pello chair to enhance your experience and enjoy this chair better.


IKEA designed both the Pello and Poang chairs for comfort. So if you get any of these chairs, you will be comfortable sitting on them. That’s because they have an S-design that supports your waist, back, and neck.

Although slightly different, the design of the neck cushion padding in the Pello chair is similar to the one in a Poang chair. Also, you can sit on any of these chairs for a long time, read, take a nap with how comfortable they are, and wake up without body pains.


Although the materials used to create the Pello and Poang chair differ, they have in common that they both last long and are strong. IKEA uses quality materials in making these chairs; hence the reason they last for long. Although the Pello chair might not last as long as the Poang chairs, it lasts a long time.

Eco-Friendly Materials

If you’re concerned with the environment, you should know that the cushions for both Pello and Poang chairs use recycled materials.

Seat Dimension

One thing both the Pello and Poang chairs have in common is their seat depth. Although these chairs have different dimensions, their depth is the same.

So no matter who sits on any of these chairs, you’ll feel comfortable and not have back issues on this chair. Although it might not be very convenient for you to sit on the Poang chair if you’re tall, sitting on the Pello chair for a while won’t hurt your back.

Differences Between the IKEA Pello and Poang Chair

Let’s look at both IKEA Pello and Poang chairs to tell what makes them different even though they’re manufactured by the same company and serve the same purpose. We’ll be looking at their difference from these six angles so you can get a clearer picture of these chairs. That way, selection will be much easier for you.


The IKEA Poang chair is more expensive than the Pello chair costing almost twice the price. The Poang chairs have different prices, while the Pello chair has one price.

You can check the latest price of IKEA Pello chair here.

The reason for the different price ranges in the Poang chair is because of the options the chair provides. For example, you can get a Poang chair based on color, wood type, or stain.

You can check the latest price of IKEA Poang chair here.

Summary: You will spend more money purchasing a Poang chair than a Pello chair. Here, Poang is the winner.

Weight & Size

There is a difference in the weight and size of the Pello and Poang chairs. The Pello chair is lighter than the Poang chair.

Check out the table below to know the weight and size specifications for Pello and Poang chairs.

FeaturesPello ChairPoang Chair
Chair Dimension.33.46″ D x 26.38″ W x 37.8″ H31″ D x 26″ W x 11″ H
Weight18.3 pounds25.9 pounds
Size of accommodated weight250 pounds375 pounds

Summary: Pello chairs are lighter than Poang chairs, and the weight capacity is lesser than Poang. So, Poang wins as a person with more weight can sit on it comfortably.


The way IKEA designed the Pello armchair is to be a little shorter than the Poang chair. Therefore, you can relax deeply in a Pello chair because it is shorter. However, some tasks are more demanding on the Pello chair because of its design, as it is closer to the ground.

For example, a tall person sitting on the Pello chair will be uncomfortable, unlike a tall person sitting on a Poang chair. That is because the Pello chair is closer to the ground, and a tall person sitting on the chair will have a backache.

Summary: A taller person cannot sit on a Pello chair comfortably. So, the obvious choice here is a Poang chair.


Another difference between the Pello and Poang chairs is the fabric used in these chairs. In a Pello chair, the cover is 100% cotton and is only available in cream color, except you custom order a cover for it.

However, in a Poang chair, the fabric is 100% polyester. Also, the cover is available in different colors, and the fabrics used are a mixture of cotton, rayon, and polyester.

The cotton in Pello chairs makes them comfortable for sitting. Although polyesters are cheaper than cotton, it is best when used as fabrics for chairs. That’s because polyester is more spill-and-stain resistant and retains its shape.

However, when you wash cotton, it shrinks in size; therefore, as your Pello chair stains and you wash it, the quality decreases over time. However, when you wash the cushion in your Poang chair, it doesn’t shrink because of the polyester in it.

Summary: The fabric used in the Pello chair is cotton, while the one in Poang is polyester. Polyester is the superior fabric here; it’s Poang for me.


Although IKEA designs their chair to be durable, their durability differs. Poang chairs tend to be more durable than Pello because of the material used in their cushions. Pello cushions have polyurethane foam and polyester, while Poang cushions have 100% polyester for their cushions.

In addition, Poang uses 90% recycled polyester for its cushions. The polyester in the Poang chairs makes them less susceptible to wear and tear. Although, the Pello chair is excellent for outdoor use because of the polyurethane present in it.

Summary: The winner here is the Poang chair because they contain materials that make it more durable than Pello.


The material used in designing the Poang chair is solid wood, while the one used in Pello is wood veneer. The materials used in the Pello frame are tubular steel powder covered with a mixture of epoxy and polyester. The Poang frame material is a molded layer-glued wood veneer added with a surface of Birch veneer.

Summary: When it comes to the materials used between Pello and Poang chairs, the winner is the Poang chair.

My Recommendation

We have all discussed IKEA Pello and Poang chairs. We’ve also looked at their pros and cons, similarities and differences of these chairs. After reading through this article, the question is, which chair should you get?

I can help you decide which chair suits your needs and preference. So, here goes my advice to you:

If you’re looking for a cheap chair that is comfortable and won’t give you backache sitting, go for the Pello chair. The Pello chair is a chair that will last you for a long time and still give you that comfort you seek while sitting without breaking the bank. The materials used are quality.

However, if you are tall and prone to staining your chair, the Pello chair might not suit you. Also, constant washing can damage the cushions earlier than they should. If you are tall and want a chair that fits your frame while still giving you comfort in your joints, you should consider getting a Poang chair.

Its covers and frames are available in different colors; hence you can get a color that adds color to your home. The plus side is you can get it with a footstool to enhance your comfort level if you don’t mind the price of a Poang chair.

Final Thoughts

Depending on your pocket, needs, and preference, both the Pello and Poang chairs are great in your homes. They are of good quality and last long. However, it depends on how much your budget is for a chair. Pello’s price is significantly lesser than Poang, but overall, Poang’s chairs are better than Pello’s.

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