The Ultimate Showdown: Noblechairs Epic vs Hero


Having one of the best gaming chairs in 2023 is one of the best investments to have as a gamer. A gaming chair is one of the things you will use a lot; hence it requires to be more comfortable and stable to offer you one of the best gaming experiences. Like best office chairs, best gaming chairs are also non-negotiable concerning great performance. The Noblechairs Epic vs Hero is all designed to offer a higher level of support and comfort to the user.

Both of these gaming chairs are made using high-quality materials hence made to withstand the rigors of regular use. However, the major difference between these two gaming chairs is that Noblechairs Epic can hold a maximum weight capacity of 265 lbs. Hero chairs can hold a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs. Moreover, EPIC features a sophisticated rocking mechanism that adjusts its backrest from 90 degrees to 135 degrees angle, while Hero can be inclined from 90 degrees to 125 degrees.

Noblechairs Epic Description

noblechairs Epic Reclining Gaming Chair and Reclining Office Chair, PU Faux Leather, Black

as of January 11, 2024 11:06 am

The Noblechairs Epic is one of the high-end gaming chairs made to offer extra comfort plus durability. This gaming chair is made using premium materials, including PU faux leather, plus a robust steel frame.

Moreover, the Epic gaming chair features a multifunctional tilt system that allows one to change the angle plus height of the backrest. Also, the chair features a 4D flexible armrest that you can easily move up and down, backwards, forwards, and rotated. Its flexible rocking mechanism will enable you to rest at whichever angle plus position suits your comfort.

Noblechairs Epic also features an in-built lumbar support system which helps in promoting good posture plus decrease fatigue. Every EPIC chair fits perfectly into any home and can comfortably hold a user up to 265 lbs. In addition, the chair comes with neck plus lumbar support cushions plus a 60-millimetre caster suitable for both hard and soft floors.

This chair’s eloquent plus subtle premium design plus material used is inspired by the world’s best racing car interior. Furthermore, the chair features a sturdy steel frame of 0.08 inches. This promises excellent stability plus durability. Epic’s cold foam padding is denser, which makes it firmer and more resilient to wear. On the same note, every Epic chair comes with the best quality stitching, which offers a classy aesthetic.

Its ergonomic shape will protect your back’s natural shape. Therefore, you will have exceptional support even after a long use period. With Epic chair, your backrest can be inclined from an angle of 90 degrees to 135 degrees, and the chair features a class 4 gas lift mechanism.

Noblechairs Epic Pros

  1. High-quality materials: The Noblechairs Epic is built using premium PU faux leather material plus an 0.08″ robust steel frame, making it a long-lasting plus durable option.
  2. Sleek design: Epic gaming chair features a sleek plus stylish design making it the best choice for people who needs an elegant gaming space.
  3. Removable headrest pillow: Epic gaming chair has a removable headrest pillow that can be added or removed for extra neck support.
  4. Adjustable features: This gaming chair features a 4D flexible armrest plus a multifunctional tilt mechanism. The chair also comes with an inbuilt lumbar support system, allowing gamers to customize their sitting position for maximum comfort.
  5. World-class aesthetics: This gaming chair features an eloquent plus subtle design. It features several customization options on the armrests plus seat. Moreover, the seat also has an adjustable rocking mechanism which helps gamers sit at their comfortable angle position while gaming. The seat also features the best quality stitching to give a classy aesthetic.
  6. Variety of options: Noblechairs Epic is available in several colors, including black, red, white, etc. Moreover, you can also get this chair in either PU faux leather, real leather, or textile fabric.

Cons of the Noblechairs Epic

  1. Weight limit: Epic gaming chair can only hold a maximum weight limit of 265 lbs. Thus, it’s not a suitable choice for people who are heavier than that.
  2. No footrest: The Noblechairs Epic chair doesn’t have a footrest, which may be uncomfortable for people who like elevating their legs as they sit.
  3. No in-built speaker system: There are premium gaming chairs that includes an in-built speaker system, but the Noblechairs Epic lacks one.

Noblechairs Hero Description

noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair/Office Chair with Lumbar Support, PU Faux Leather. Black/Red

as of January 11, 2024 11:06 am

Noblechairs Hero gaming chair offers comfort and support for lengthy gaming sessions. This gaming chair is made using the best quality materials, which include a genuine leather exterior, a strong steel frame, plus cold-cured foam cushioning that is 55% thicker. Hero chair is completely adjustable. It features a multifunctional tilt system plus an adjustable headrest and lumbar pillows.

Hero seat also features an in-built lumbar support system plus 4D flexible armrests. This gaming chair can hold a maximum weight limit of 330 pounds; hence it’s suitable for people of different sizes. This chair model has subtle branding, diamond pattern stitching, and a smooth appearance that suits any room.

You can easily adjust this chair’s lumbar support using a knob; hence simple to personalize your comfort. To have extra comfort, the seat comes with expanded armrests, a taller backrest, plus a wider seat base. This chair’s backrest naturally follows the shape of your spine, which ease pressure on your body.

For a whole day’s comfort as you play, this chair features breathable cold-foam padding with a TX fabric plus the best quality vegan PU leather. You can get this chair in either red/black, black, black/blue, black gold, black/white, etc. To comfortably support 330 pounds, the chair features an enlarged seat area and backrest with a high-quality base. The seat also features some silent 2.36″ casters which are suitable for use on several surfaces.

Noblechairs Hero Pros

  1. 4D adjustable armrests: Hero’s armrests can be changed in four directions. Hence you can get the comfiest position as you enjoy gaming.
  2. Adjustability: Noblechairs Hero features a multifunctional tilt mechanism, flexible headrest, and lumbar pillows; hence, you can personalize your comfort.
  3. High-quality materials: This gaming chair is built using 0.067″ genuine leather and 55% thick cold-cured foam cushioning, making it durable and comfortable.
  4. Comfortable Seat: The hero gaming chair is extremely soft and firm. Moreover, the seat features a maximum rocking mechanism of 11 degrees and a backrest adjustability of 45 degrees.
  5. In-built lumbar support: Hero chair comes with an in-built lumbar support system that helps in decreasing strain on your lower back.
  6. Sturdy steel frame: Hero gaming chair has a strong steel frame making it stable and able to support a maximum weight of 330 pounds.
  7. Perfect fit: The chair features a big backrest and seat area to accommodate even big people comfortably.

Noblechairs Hero Cons

  1. Expensive: This is a high-end gaming chair made with premium materials, making it more expensive than several other options in the market.
  2. Heavy: This chair weighs approximately 67 lbs., which makes it quite heavy and can be hard to carry.

Comparison Between Noblechairs Epic and Hero


The Epic gaming chair model comes with a more sleek plus modern design motivated by the interiors of the best racing cars. The seat features a single-piece backrest plus stitched leather upholstery. On the other hand, the Hero model comes with a more classic design, perforated leather fabric, and a two-piece backrest. Epic and Hero gaming chairs are available in different colors, including black, red, white, etc.

FeaturesNoblechairs EpicNoblechairs Hero
Load Capacity265 lbs330 lbs
Weight60 lbs67 lbs
Seating Area Width13.5″20.5″
Backrest Adjustability90° – 135°90° – 125°


If you are a big and heavy and need a chair that suits your body and supports your weight, then you should go for the Noblechairs Hero.


The Hero model is composed of a strong steel inner frame which makes it strong. The seat also features a 0.067″ top-grain genuine leather or 0.059″ PU vegan faux leather. The epic model is made using strong steel and a pair of breathable cold-foam padding with TX fabric. The seat can also have a high-quality genuine leather, PU leather, or textile fabric.

FeaturesNoblechairs EpicNoblechairs Hero
Cover materialPU faux leather, Real leather, Textile fabricPU faux leather, Real leather, PU hybrid leather, Textile fabric, eco-synthetic, Fabric


Although the material used in making these seats are similar, you will have more options with the Hero model.


Both gaming chairs feature high-density foam padding, but the Epic model has additional features, including a lumbar support cushion and a neck pillow for extra comfort. In addition, both chairs have adjustable backrests, but the Epic model features more adjustable armrests, backrests, and headrests to offer a more customized fit.

FeaturesNoblechairs EpicNoblechairs Hero
4D armrestsYesYes
CushioningCold foamCold foam
CoverPU Faux LeatherPU Faux Leather (breathable)


Both of these chairs are comfortable, but it’s more comfortable with a breathable cold-foam in Hero model when gaming for longer. Moreover, Epic Model offers more personalized comfort to allow you to play games comfortably.


The Hero model is generally more expensive than the Epic model.


Both gaming chairs are durable with excellent comfort, making them a suitable choice for gamers. However, when you need a budget-friendly gaming chair, you can choose the Epic model, and if you have a huge and heavy body size, always choose the Hero model.

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