Comparing Noblechairs Icon and Hero: Which is the Superior Choice?

noblechairs icon vs hero

Noblechairs is a relatively new gaming chair manufacturing firm founded in Berlin in 2016. Today, our focus will be on two of their most famous chairs: noblechairs icon vs hero. This comparison shouldn’t come as a surprise because these chairs have been causing quite a buzz in the industry. So what do we know about it?

The main difference between both chairs is that the Hero has slightly wider dimensions than the Icon. This is because the Hero is built to accommodate customers with a bigger build. Also, it is the larger chair of the two due to its wider dimensions.

Despite being relatively new in the industry, Noblechairs has quickly set itself apart from a plethora of other manufacturers. They offer practicality, premium ergonomics, and beautiful aesthetics, with price tags ranging from average to premium.

So, which of these chairs should you get? Let’s get to it now, shall we?

Noblechairs Icon

noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair and Office Chair with Lumbar Support, PU Hybrid Leather, Black Edition

as of January 13, 2024 5:25 pm

If you’re garnering information about the Icon, chances are you’ve heard about Noblechairs Epic. The Icon is a spinoff of Epic with improved features. Users familiar with Noblechairs’ brand mostly call the Icon the middle child fitting right between the slim Epic and extra-wide Hero.

The Icon is a premium chair with a modern and luxurious design available in three colors: black, white, and red. It has a contemporary silhouette with an ergonomic backrest and a padded seat cushion. The chair comes with a 20-year warranty on the frame and five years warranty on the leather upholstery.

The Icon is a versatile office chair that will accommodate most average-sized users. And even better, its larger frame can hold weights up to 330 lbs and a height of 6’4”. The Icon has a solid stainless steel frame for long-lasting durability and stability.

It has 4D armrests and can recline to 135° with an 11° tilt-lock. The chair has luxurious PU leather with diamond pattern stitching upholstery.

Pros of Noblechairs Icon

  1. Premium Materials: The Icon has an impressive build, all thanks to Noblechairs high standard. Its cold-cured foam is covered with high-quality fabric and leather, giving it a polished look and feel.
  2. Heavy Duty: Are you worried that you may not find a truly comfortable chair that will accommodate you in every way? Worry no more. Noblechairs Icon supports up to 330 lbs of weight.
  3. Ergonomics: Noblechairs equipped the Icon with standard ergonomic features like 4D armrests, sturdy steel frame, 2.4” casters for soft and hard flooring, tilt lock, and practical rocking function, among others.
  4. Elegant Design: With its premium materials, the Icon has a minimalist and elegant look. It takes the saying “less is more” to the core.
  5. Durability: Noblechairs Icon promises long-lasting goodness with its sturdy stainless frame and cold-cured foam that will hold up for years.
  6. Highly Adjustable Features: The chair features highly adjustable features like 4D armrests, adjustable backrest, lumbar support, etc.
  7. Value For Money: The Icon offers great value for money. Compared to its peers on the market, it offers great features for a fantastic price.

Cons Of Noblechairs Icon

  1. The seat foam is quite dense. Not necessarily bad, but some users find it a tad bit too hard.
  2. There isn’t much space to wiggle around as it is a bit narrow.

Noblechairs Hero

noblechairs Hero Gaming Chair/Office Chair with Lumbar Support, PU Faux Leather. Black/Red

as of January 13, 2024 5:25 pm

Out of the Icon, Epic and Hero, the Hero is the Noblechairs flagship luxury model with the most impressive features. While some may say it is expensive, it is also one of the most affordable “expensive” chairs you can get. It comes in different colors like beige, black and red.

One of the best things about the Hero is its expanded backrest and flat seat base. The flat seat design only means that you get a wider seat surface. The expanded backrest and flat seat base give you extra space to wiggle around.

The icing on the cake for Noblechairs Hero is the integrated lumbar support. With most traditional ergonomic chairs, you adjust the lumbar support with the use of a lever. With the Hero, you adjust the lumbar support via a knob on the side of the backrest. You only get to see this feature mostly in luxury cars.

The chair’s versatility is another of its selling points. It doubles as a luxury gaming chair and an ergonomic office chair. It will fit right in your home office or the CEO’s.

Pros of Noblechairs Hero

  1. Unique Lumbar Support: The Hero has a fully integrated adjustable lumbar support with a memory foam headrest to cushion your head. The backrest also has cold foam padding that cradles your back gently. Noblechairs Hero is the second chair ever to have this unique integrated lumbar support system. It is an impressive feature found mostly in luxury cars.
  2. Wider space: The Hero is for the “big boys,” not to be taken literally. It simply means that the Hero has much more space to move around. If you’re one to explore different positions while sitting, you’ll do good with the extra space.
  3. 4D Armrests: You may wonder why I’m singling the chair’s armrests out. It’s because the 4D armrests are extra large and padded while highly adjustable.
  4. Deep Recline: While this does not pass a napping chair, it doesn’t mean you can’t fully relax. The chair reclines to 125 degrees with a tilt lock of 11 degrees.
  5. Durability: Thanks to the cold foam padding, the Hero will last a long time. The chair will hold its shape for much longer.
  6. Comfort: If you’re looking for a very comfortable chair you can use for daily work, the Hero is up to the task. Thanks to the chair’s ergonomic features, you can expect a maximum level of comfort.
  7. Optimum Adjustability: This chair offers highly adjustable features, from the exceptional lumbar support to the 4D arms to the seat and backrest adjustment.
  8. Luxurious Fit: The chair has an aesthetic look of high-quality leather, breathable fabric, and diamond stitching.

Cons of Noblechairs Hero

  1. The warranty is only for two years.

Noblechairs Icon vs Hero: A Full Comparison

Noblechairs has only three chairs in its product lineup, and we are reviewing two today. With this, you’d know that both chairs will have some things in common. Let’s check out some of their similarities first.

For one, Noblechairs Icon and Hero boast luxury ergonomics, padding, and upholstery. The Icon is a minimalist office chair offering luxury and comfort. The Hero is the bigger sibling with its one-of-a-kind lumbar support.

Both chairs are made from premium materials, promising excellent quality. They also have lumbar support systems and impressive adjustability for a relatively new company. Also, both chairs come with 2 years manufacturer’s warranty.

And now, we go into the comparison in detail.


The first thing that strikes you about both chairs is the design and style. They both have a modern, sleek look with similar shapes and color schemes. But they do have some differences in features and build quality.

They are covered with luxurious PU leather that feels as soft as the real thing. This is a good thing, as some users prefer faux leather because it looks more elegant and lasts long. The downside is that faux leather tends to get sticky in hot weather. But Noblechairs uses higher quality faux leather that is breathable enough to avoid getting clammy.

The Icon is the second product in Noblechairs lineup. One interesting fact about the chair is its inspiration. Noblechairs designed the Icon drawing inspiration from luxury cars, particularly in comfort and ergonomics. You now get a simple but efficient chair perfect for gaming, at home, or in the office.

It has an ergonomic shape that gets more contoured towards the headrest. The seat is a flat base with cold foam padding that gives extra comfort while sitting on it for long hours at work or school! It has four wheels that glide easily over soft and hard flooring when you need to get somewhere quickly.

On the other hand, the Hero is slightly bigger and heavier than the Icon, but not by much. Its distinct intricate diamond pattern stitching sets it apart from its sibling. While not going overboard, it offers subtle branding, elegance, and minimalistic beauty.

You can use either chair on any surface of your choice. Both chairs glide easily on hardwood floors or carpets, thanks to the casters. You can easily glide your chair from place to place without worrying about scratches or scuffs that might occur while using it.

Verdict: Both chairs sport impressive designs, courtesy of Noblechairs high standard. It’s a tough call as both go neck to neck here. I’d say it’s a tie, as both chairs look exceptionally good.


Both chairs offer top-tier comfort, supporting users up to 6’4” and 330 lbs. They are large chairs that offer a lot of space to move around. Noblechairs has solidified its mark that no matter what chair of its lineup, you are guaranteed 100% comfort.

The Icon has a slimmer frame than the Hero, but don’t be fooled. It is still bigger than most of its peers on the market, giving you a lot of room. The Hero is famous for its wide frame making it a popular choice for users with a heavier build or wide shoulders.

To avoid clamminess in hot weather, the Icon has a newly developed PU leather upholstery with micro-pores for breathability. It has dense cold foam padding that doesn’t sink in when you sit. The headrest has comfortable memory foam padding. And Noblechairs took one step further by adding two comfortable cushions. It doesn’t get better than that!

Of course, the Hero is fully intended for bigger users with larger armrests, a wider seat base, and a taller backrest. It comes with dense cold foam padding and memory foam padding in the headrest. Two noblechairs cushions are also included in this. And you have a fully adjustable lumbar support.

One downside to both chairs is the cold foam padding. Some users may not find it so comfortable as it is thicker and much denser than memory foam. But this doesn’t mean it isn’t comfortable. In fact, cold foam padding lasts longer than memory foam padding.

Verdict: Both are way up there in terms of comfort. But I’ll give it to the Hero for its wider dimensions. There’s just something about a chair with loads of space!

Lumbar Support

It would be a crime not to start with the Hero’s over-the-top lumbar support. Being the biggest chair in Noblechairs lineup, one would think its wider dimensions would be all the hype. That’s not wrong, but the lumbar support on this chair is stellar!

Noblechairs Hero features brand-new, fully integrated lumbar support, usually found in high-end luxury cars. This feature allows you to easily adjust the chair’s lumbar support via a small knob on the side. What you get here is hassle-free personalization, and who doesn’t love hassle-free?!

The Icon also comes with integrated lumbar support. Although not as stellar as the Hero, it is still fully functional. It has full adjustability, which you can operate by gliding it to the position you desire.

Verdict: Both chairs have standard lumber support, but the Hero takes the crown.


Both chairs have impressive ergonomic features. The Icon has a newly improved PU leather covering with micro-pores for breathability. It has flexible 4D armrests and a practical rocking function.

The seat height is adjustable and can also receive up to 135 degrees. Its deform-resistant cold foam padding and sturdy steel frame are a classic. It has a durable hydraulic gas lift and aluminum base to keep you upright. And, of course, it has 2.4” casters for most floor surfaces.

The Hero comes with one-of-a-kind integrated lumbar support. It also has cold foam padding, with comfortable memory foam in the headrest. It has 4-way adjustable 4D arms, a stable rocking mechanism, and a deep reclinable backrest. Finally, the chair’s 2.36” casters are silent on hard or soft flooring.

Verdict: It’s a tie.


Noblechairs have ensured that users get the most out of their chairs. This is why all Noblechairs gaming chairs come with a standard 2-year warranty. That said, the cold foam padding, PU leather, and steel frame further nail on the chair’s durability.

Cold foam is dense and thicker than memory foam. This is why it returns to its original shape when you get up. So rest assured, the chairs will hold their shape for at least two years.

Both chairs have a stainless steel skeleton (see what I did there, ha!), providing a sturdy base. And the high-quality PU leather lasts longer and will start peeling, unlike normal faux leather.

Noblechairs Icon vs Hero: Which One Should I Get?

So, we have gotten to the hardest part: decision-making. Which is the right fit for you? Well, I can’t answer that question for you. But what I can do is help point you in the right direction.

If you don’t have particular preferences and want a chair that feels good, holds up well and works just as well, the Icon will serve you well. It is a classic, working piece that will fit right in your home office or gaming space. Check the price of Noblechairs Icon here.

The Hero is perfect if you’re taller, have a bigger build or wide shoulders, or just love a chair with lots of room. It is a very roomy chair with state-of-the-art lumbar support. So, if you have posture or backache issues, you’ll do well with this chair. Check the price of Noblechairs Hero here.

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