Comparing the Serta Hensley and Jennings


There are many office chairs on the market today which makes it confusing in determining which is the best chair that’s durable and comfortable. Ultimately, Serta Hensley and Jennings are among the best chairs with more positive reviews. Let’s make a find out which of the office chair between Serta Hensley Vs. Jennings outweighs the other in terms of benefits.

The major difference between Serta Hensley and Jennings office chair is Serta Hensley has a high backrest to offer comfortable support when sitting for longer hours. Jennings on the other hand features a low backrest plus a minimalist design.

In addition, Serta Hensley comes with a weight-activated recline system, flexible lumbar support, plus a contoured seat for a comfortable posture. Jennings also features a simple tilt mechanism with cushioned seat for comfort but doesn’t have a contoured seat and adjustable lumbar support.

Thus, Serta Hensley is more geared towards offering comfortable support for longer sitting periods while Jennings is more focused on stylish, minimalistic design with simple comfort features.

Before we conclude on which is the best office chair between these two, let’s check in detail the features, pros, and cons of each.

Serta Hensley

Serta® Smart Layers™ Hensley Big & Tall Ergonomic Bonded Leather High-Back Chair, Roasted Chestnut/Satin Nickel

22 new from $369.80
as of March 29, 2024 5:38 pm

Serta Hensley is a great chair for you who need extra comfort and support while sitting at your office. This chair features a soft plus comfortable bonded leather material and a high back design that supports your neck and back. Furthermore, this chair also features flexible lumbar support, which you can adjust to suit your needs and maintain a proper posture.

Among the best and unique features of the Serta Hensley chair includes its ergonomic design. Its contoured seat plus backrest helps in improving circulation and alleviating pressure points. Similarly, the chair also features flexible armrests for extra comfort. Its 360-degree swivel base and smooth-rolling casters enable you to move around easily and freely.

Its simplistic hue combination offers every office space a touch of modern style. With the help of its ComfortCoils plus five layers of foam, you will have a plush comfort.

Its strong, durable construction and its adjustable height plus tilt controls make it easy to customize hence suitable for big and tall people. Overall, the Serta Hensley Chair is the best choice for people that needs a comfortable plus supportive office chair. Its stylish design and several distinct features make it suitable for several users.

Serta Hensley chair can support a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. Furthermore, the chair meets the BIFMA/ANSI performance standards, and it’s GREENGUARD certified hence no exposure to harmful substances.

Pros of Serta Hensley

Adjustable arms: Serta Hensley chair arms can be changed to distinct angles and heights. This helps in offering comfortable support to your shoulders, wrists, etc.

Adjustable lumbar support: An adjustable lumbar support offers a personalized fitting to your lower back curvature. You will have extra support, proper posture, and alignment by supporting your lumbar and pelvis region.

Flexible seat height: This seat can rise from 23.75″ to 28.25″ to fit different users’ heights.

Waterfall edge seat: The waterfall edge design helps decrease pressure on the user’s thighs, plus it also helps in improving blood circulation.

Made with premium and comfortable upholstery: The leather upholstery and fabric used to make this chair supportive plus comfortable. The chair is built to last.

Easy to move around: The chair features a heavy-duty base plus dual wheel casters which offer extra stability and make it simple to move around.

Endorsed by American Chiropractic Association(ACA): Products endorsed by the ACA are of the best quality and offer a chiropractic-related advantage for Doctors of Chiropractic and users.

Kinematic tilt mechanism: This allows for flexibility and natural movement. Thus the user can easily adjust their comfortable position.

Less harsh chemicals: It’s free from harsh chemicals, unlike its typical alternatives hence no exposure to harmful substances that are dangerous to your health and the environment.

More weight capacity: Serta Hensley chair can comfortably hold a weight capacity of up to 400 lbs. hence suitable for big individuals.

BIFMA Compliant: Serta Hensley’s office chair is BIFMA Compliant. The product only utilizes parts that meet industry standards and pass 3rd party SGS testing for durability and safety.

Cons of Serta Hensley

  • The bonded leather may not be as sturdy as genuine leather
  • Some consumers may find the seat to be too stiff

Serta Jennings

Serta Smart Layers Jennings Super Task Big and Tall Chair, Black/Slate

2 new from $299.99
as of March 29, 2024 5:38 pm

Serta Jennings Office Chair is a stylish plus comfortable chair that suits big people’s needs. This office chair features bonded leather upholstery plus a high-back design to offer comfort and support. Furthermore, this chair comes with an ergonomic design that helps reduce strain and promotes proper body posture.

Serta Jennings also features adjustable lumbar support plus a waterfall seat edge. This helps to eliminate pressure on your legs. This office chair also features a 360-degree swivel function plus a pneumatic seat height adjustment. With this, you will easily get a perfect sitting position.

This chair can comfortably hold a maximum weight of 400 pounds hence suitable for different people. Its cushion elevated headrest plus deeply layered body cushions are suitable for tall and big people. Its high-back chair offers luxurious seating, while its ergonomic height plus tilt controls enable simple customization.

Serta Smart Layers Jennings chair offers lumbar support hence helping in reducing pressure on your lower back. Bonded leather upholstery always gives an aesthetic appeal.

The seat also features five layers of foam above individually wrapped ComfortCoils which offers luxurious seating. Hand-sculpted upholstered arms and seat side fingertip controls are ergonomic efficient.

Serta Jennings is BIFMA Compliant and hence meets all the industry standards for durability and safety. Furthermore, the seat also offers chiropractic-related benefits to its users.

Pros of Serta Jennings

Thick cushioned headrest: Cushioned Headrest offers you ergonomic support as you sit upright and comfortably when reclining the chair.

Big and tall size: The chair consist of heavy-duty commercial-grade components hence it can comfortably hold 400 pounds.

Adjustable arms rest: Strong and adjustable arms offer ample comfort plus support while standing or sitting.

Smart layers technology: This seat features a 5-layer cushioning mechanism placed above individual pocketed ComfortCoils. This offers ultimate relaxation plus comfort, especially with extended use.

Ergonomic paddle: The chair features an ergonomically positioned adjustment paddle to easily control the recline and lift with properly located levers.

Strong 5-star base: Serta Smart Layers Jennings has a sturdy 5-star bottom with two-wheel mobility casters. The sturdy nylon base glides across every low-ply carpet, making navigation to your space simple.

Easy to assemble: It takes a few minutes to fully assemble this office chair with no tools required.

Cons of Serta Jennings

  • The chair can be too unsupportive or soft to some users
  • The chair may be unsuitable for users with shorter legs because of the seat pan length

Comparison Between Serta Hensley and Jennings


Both the Jennings and the Serta Hensley chairs offer a comfortable seating experience. However, Hensley’s memory foam and extra support layers make it superior in general comfort.

Ergonomic Design

Serta Hensley office chair features an ergonomic design with adjustable lumbar support plus a high back to eliminate lower back strain. On the other hand, the Serta Jennings chair also features an ergonomic design with flexible lumbar support plus a contoured seat. All these help in improving your sitting posture.


Both paddings of these office chairs offer good support. Moreover, the Hensley features a mixture of memory foam plus coil layers, offering a more supportive feel.

Bonded Leather Material

The Serta Hensley office chair consists of bonded leather, mostly synthetic material leather scraps, plus polyurethane. Serta Jennings chair contains breathable mesh fabric.


The Serta Hensley is more affordable, unlike the Jennings, making it a better option for people on a low budget. Serta Hensley costs $324.68 while Jennings costs $399.99.

Weight Capacity

Both Serta Hensley and Jennings chairs feature a weight capacity of 400 pounds.


Both chairs come with adjustable features, including armrests and seat height. Moreover, the Serta Hensley chair features an adjustable headrest for extra comfort.

Build Quality

 FeaturesSerta HensleySerta Jennings
Chair Color OptionsRoasted Chestnut, Satin NickelBlack
Base5-star metal powder coated5-star metal powder coated
Caster Wheels6 cm dual-caster wheel6 cm dual-caster wheel
Chair Cover MaterialBonded leatherBonded leather, breathable mesh fabric
Product weight‎65.2 pounds‎66 pounds

Final Thought

In conclusion, both the Serta Hensley and the Serta Jennings are well-constructed office chairs with different features for extra comfort plus support for even larger individuals.

However, the Serta Hensley chair is a suitable choice for people who prefer a firmer and more traditional seating experience. On the other hand, the Serta Jennings is a suitable choice that offers the best choice to people who prefer having a softer plus more cushioned feeling. Ultimately, deciding the best choice for you depends on your budget, personal needs, and preferences.

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