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When talking about ergonomic office chairs, there are several brands that you will find on the internet but the most outstanding one is Steelcase. This is a perennial powerhouse brand in the industry of making office furniture. The products from this brand are created using superior materials which makes them strong and durable. By ongoing to innovate its inventions, several individuals are aware of the way Steelcase brand always strives to make exceptional best-quality ergonomic office furniture including chairs. In this guide, we will make a comparison between Steelcase Think vs Leap to see which of these chairs is comfortable, and durable.

Steelcase Think and Leap are among the finer chairs available in the market. These seats come with a couple of the best features plus an ergonomic design. Moreover, Steelcase Think it is a great chair that will offer you comfort even when working more than 8 hours. On the other hand, Steelcase Leap comes with a superior backrest that’s comfortable but the chair is quite expensive. Moreover, unlike Steelcase Think, Leap features excellent lumbar support which is easily plus smoothly adjusted.

Steelcase Think Description

Steelcase Think Fabric Chair, Black -

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Steelcase Think is a chair that is designed to adjust to your movements plus contour your body shape. Furthermore, this chair features a technology that’s more important to everyone which is Integrated LiveBack Technology. This revolutionary technology is implemented in different Steelcase chairs for about 20 years. The contoured backrest conforms to the user’s body, offering support and reducing pressure on the spine.

Furthermore, the armrests of this office chair are fully adjustable. Therefore, one can change their pivot, height, depth, plus width hence you will get the perfect position to rest your arms and shoulders as you work. In addition, the armrests are also cushioned for added comfort. Moreover, you can also change your chair’s level by reclining to lean backward. Other adjustable features of this chair include seat height and lumbar adjustment.

Steelcase Think is made with a versatile plus stylish fabric making it suit any office space. This chair’s seat is built using high-density foam which conforms to the user’s body plus offers a comfortable, supportive seating surface. In addition, this chair features an in-built waterfall edge which helps in decreasing pressure on your thighs plus it also helps in improving circulation.

The base of this chair is made of a strong metal material plus features a five-star design for extra stability. Steelcase Think Fabric Chair also comes with a tilt tension knob that enables the user to adjust the chair’s tilt tension to their preference. The tilt lock feature enables the user to lock their chair in a tilted position.

With simple adjusting controls for height, lumbar support, and tilt tension you will easily find a comfortable seating position. Moreover, with the help of a five-star base plus casters, you can easily move around your working space. Think Fabric Chair comes in different colors plus fabrics hence the user will have a variety of choices from the chair which matches their office decor.

Steelcase Think Fabric Chair Pros


This office chair features various adjustable settings which include seat height, backrest tilt, and lumbar support. With these features users can easily customize the chair to suit their specific comfort requirements, making the chair a suitable option for individuals of all shapes and sizes. The adjustable armrests can be easily moved down and up or in and out to offer comfort and support to your arms and shoulders.


Another great benefit of the Steelcase Think Chair is its made with high-quality material making it durable. The material used includes a strong steel frame plus strong fabric upholstery. In addition, the chair is also made to withstand frequent use which makes it a suitable option for use in a busy office environment.

Breathable Mesh Backrest

This office chair comes with a breathable mesh backrest hence the user will remain cool and comfy all through the day. In addition, the mesh material enables air to circulate via the seat backrest which prevents sweating and overheating. This is beneficial to people who sit for a longer period.

Lumbar Support

The Steelcase Think also features in-built lumbar support, which assists in promoting good posture and decreasing strain on your lower back. Moreover, its lumbar support is flexible enabling users to customize the seat to the comfort and support they need. Lumbar support is more beneficial for individuals who suffer discomfort or lower back pain.

Modern Sleek Design

This chair comes in different color options including black, blue, and gray, which makes it easy to match with any office decoration. Furthermore, the chair’s clean lines plus simple design make it a suitable option for use in any office space either traditional or contemporary office space.


  • Lower back support isn’t as comfortable as may be required

Steelcase Leap Description

Steelcase Leap Office Chair, Black Frame and Buzz2 Black Fabric

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Steelcase Leap office chair is among the best-quality, ergonomic chairs made to offer maximum support plus comfort. In addition, the chair is made with different materials plus features which work together to offer the user with best possible seating experience. Moreover, the Steelcase Leap chair features integrated LiveBack Technology at its backrest to offer you the most back support every time you need it minus adjusting the chair’s parts to suit your body shape because it auto-does that.

Steelcase Leap features excellent lumbar support which can be smoothly and easily adjusted. In addition, the chair also features fully 4D adjustable armrests hence you can easily adjust its width, depth, height, and pivot. The armrests are made using a smooth cushioned material that offers additional support plus comfort.

Steelcase Leap features different adjustable seat depths and it can be adjusted from 15.75″ – 18.75″ and it’s highest point is 20.5″ plus its lowest is 15.5″. This chair’s backrest is built using a flexible mesh material that conforms to the user’s body as it offers comfort and support. In addition, its backrest also features an in-built lumbar support system which assists in keeping your spine in a neutral position and decreases pressure on your lower back.

The seat of this chair is built using a high-density foam material that’s designed to offer excellent comfort plus support. In addition, its contoured design helps in decreasing pressure on the user’s thighs, offering a more comfy seating experience.

The base of this chair is built using strong and heavy-duty material which makes it durable. It’s designed to endure the severities of daily use. Moreover, the base also features a five-star design that offers superb support and stability.

The casters of this office chair are made using soft plus durable material making it suitable for use on either hardwood or other delicate floor surfaces. Moreover, the casters also feature a locking mechanism that enables the user to lock their chair in place when required.



Among the major advantage of the Steelcase Leap Office Chair is its adjustability feature. This chair can easily conform to the user’s body. Moreover, the chair features a distinct LiveBack technology which enables it to conform to the user’s spine hence it offers optimal support plus decreasing strain on your back. Furthermore, this chair also features an in-built lumbar support system which assists in keeping your lower back well aligned. This helps in decreasing the danger of discomfort and back pain.

Its in-built pneumatic lift allows the user to easily change the seat’s height to a perfect level. Furthermore, the chair also features a tilt function which enables the user to recline their chair and relax.


This office features several design elements which makes it a top choice for comfort. The chair features a waterfall seat edge, which assists in decreasing pressure on the user’s legs and offers good air circulation. Furthermore, this office chair features a flexible backrest that moves with the user hence it offers comfort plus support no matter the position.

Adjustable Armrests

This chair comes with 4D adjustable armrests that are easily adjusted to suit different users’ needs. With an adjustable armrest, you will have perfect support for your arms and shoulders. This is more beneficial for people who suffer from seating discomfort or shoulder pain since it helps in reducing strain.

Made To Last

This chair is made using the best quality materials, including a strong steel frame plus a breathable mesh backrest. With this, your chair can withstand everyday use as it offers support and comfort for years.

Easy to Assemble

Steelcase Leap Office Chair comes almost fully assembled. Hence it will take less than 5 minutes to fully assemble the seat minus any tools.


  • There may be some distinctive clicking noise when you lean back
  • It’s expensive

Comparison Between Steelcase Think and Steelcase Leap


The Steelcase Leap and Think chair comes with a LiveBack Tech in the backrest, which feels very comfy as you use the chair. Moreover, this chair changes shape to suit plus support your spine movement. Both of these chairs feature lumbar support tension adjustment which enables you to change to the firmness of the lower back, offering a healthier sitting.

However, the difference between these two chairs is that the Think utilizes a knob that enables you to control the back tension plus recline with four distinct positions. Turning the dial clicks at every setting.


Steelcase Think chair wins because it offers the option for users to completely customize the chair to their preferred settings. Furthermore, the Think chair features cutting-edge backrest support.

FeatureSteelcase ThinkSteelcase Leap
Adjustable seat heightYesYes
Arm AdjustmentHeight, Depth, Width, PivotHeight, Depth, Width, Pivot
LiveBack TechnologyLiveBack Flexor SystemLiveBack Technology


Both of these two chairs feature an exceptional look. However, Steelcase Think features a minimalist design which several [people will prefer. Leap, features a more curved plus modern design. Moreover, it’s also narrower compared to Think. The huge difference is in the backrest design. Think features a 3D knit design that’s more square, while Leap is rounded and distanced from the seat.


The choice of design is all personal but with either of these two seats, they will fit perfectly in one’s office space.

FeatureSteelcase ThinkSteelcase Leap
Seat Material TypeTextile‎Polyester
ColorBlack, Gray/black, Navy/black, Burgundy/black, Camel/blackBlack, Cyan, Burgundy/black, sky, tomato, Gray/black, Navy/black

Adjustable Seat and Depth

An adjustable seat enables one to change the height of the chair. With this, you will have the ability to position backward or forward to achieve lengthier comfort.

Think’s adjustable seat depth ranges from 15.5″ to 18″ and the Leap’s seat depth ranges from 15.75″ to 18.75″


Think chair features 0.5″ of more depth, unlike the Leap chair. Moreover, you will not be able to notice the difference of 0.5″ of additional depth.

  FeatureSteelcase ThinkSteelcase Leap
Seat Depth15.75″ – 18.75″15.5″ to 18″
Product Dimensions‎25″D x 27″W x 41.75″H‎25″D x 27″W x 43.5″H


Leap costs are higher than Think making it expensive. However, the seat features extra features to improve its comfort.


The higher cost of the Leap chair comes with extra comfort. However, Think is also comfortable making it also a suitable choice for people on a tight budget.

FeatureSteelcase ThinkSteelcase Leap

4D Adjustable Arms

Steelcase Think & Leap chairs feature an adjustable armrest. You can fully adjust the arms to your preference. Thus, you can adjust the armrest either vertically, rotating, or horizontally


The 4D adjustable armrest between Leap and Think is similar.

FeatureSteelcase ThinkSteelcase Leap
Arm Height7” to 11”7” to 11”
Armcap Depth3”3”
Distance in between Armrests14” to 21.25”12.75” to 20”
Armcap Pivot Range30 degrees30 degrees


Both of these office chairs are built using comfortable materials. Both chair seats plus backrests are built using foam-padded fabric for comfort. Moreover, the Think chair features 3D knitted material same to mesh making it more breathable plus allowing free airflow to your back.


Both of these chairs come with amazing features to offer comfort. However, the Think chair is more compact and sleek, unlike Leap. 3D knit material makes it more breathable hence you will stay cool and comfortable even after long hours of working. Leap chair is suitable for people who prefer seats that have a sophisticated design with firm plus strong lumbar support.

FeatureSteelcase ThinkSteelcase Leap
Adjustable Back TensionAutomatic AdjustmentManual Adjustment
Weight Capacity400lbs400lbs


Both of these two office seats are suitable for use in any office room. If looking for an office chair that offers reclining and back tension, then go for Think. However, if you’re looking for an ergonomic chair that offers top-notch support to your lower back, then choose Steelcase Leap.

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