Steelcase Think vs Series 2: Which Office Chair is Right for You?


Steelcase produces top-notch office furniture that has an enviable reputation in the industry. The company is quite famous for its office chairs that provide premium comfort, superior ergonomic features, and comfort. Think and Series 2 have been the most sorted after, along with all Steelcase office chairs. But how to decide which is best between them?

The main differences between Steelcase Think and Series 2 are many. These include the prices, ergonomic features, overall weight, weight capacity, and design. The Steelcase Series 2 is also more affordable than the Think. However, the Think has an overall weight of 32.31, whereas the Series 2  weighs 36 lbs. At the same time, the Series 2 has more ergonomic features with various adjustable components.

In this article, you will learn more about Steelcase Think and Series 2. You will also get a detailed comparison between Steelcase Think and Series 2. You will also know which is best for your needs and liking.

So, without further ado, let us get into the essential details.

Steelcase Think

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The Steelcase Think is a well-designed office chair that responds to you immediately when you change positions. The chair has a conscious adjustment to provide support and comfort in the appropriate places. In addition, the Innovative back flexors on this chair automatically switch shape to support your spine and follow your movements.

The Steelcase Think chair uses the influence of your body weight to balance your movement irrespective of the direction. The chair is an overall package for sitting at work all day. It features a standard upholstered seat and a back with comfortable fabric.

The waterfall edge on the Steelcase Think helps to reduce the pressure on the back of your legs. It also increases circulation so you can stay active throughout your sitting position at work. In addition, the chair ensures every user gets the possible position for maximum relaxation and comfort while working all day.

Pros Of Steelcase Think

Steelcase Think features many advantages that offer the user excellent support and take care of ergonomic features.

Well, let me list all the Pros of the Steelcase Think chair.

  • Self-Adjusting Capabilities: The chair features an intelligent design that adjusts automatically to be suitable for anyone sitting on it, irrespective of their body shape or size.
  • Flexible Back Frame: The back of the chair has a flexible frame that consists of connecting flexors to respond to the movements of whoever is sitting on it.
  • Encourages Active Sitting: The design of the Steelcase Think encourages active sitting to distribute the user’s weight and prevent putting too much pressure on one point at once.
  • Weight Activation System: The chair’s weight activation system stretches from the seat to the back. It also features a backrest tension that adjusts depending on the user’s weight.
  • Excellent Ergonomics: Steelcase Think has a comfort dial to adjust the seat from upright to full recline. It also has two extra positions between the four-directional armrests and adjustable seat depth.
  • Easy to Assemble: The manufacturer already assembled the Steelcase Think chair’s base, seat, frame, and backrest. You only need to fasten the armrests to the other assembled parts. It reduces the risk of the chair falling apart and makes it easier to assemble.
  • Fewer Adjustments Needed: The chair’s automatic adjustment mechanism requires less manual adjustment. The few available adjustments are self-explanatory and straightforward.
  • Size Advantage: The chair is a few inches taller and broader than other office chairs, allowing it to support larger and taller users. It is a top choice for people who prefer a more oversized office chair.
  • Aesthetic Appeal: You have 14 different color options to mix and match colors to get your desired design.

Cons Of Steelcase Think

The Steelcase Think has a few drawbacks, which include:

  • The Steelcase Think is quite expensive for an office chair and may not be affordable for budget-conscious users.
  • Although the chair has a tall backrest to support the user, it lacks a headrest; a feature most users look out for.
  • The chair has limited adjustment features, which makes it less preferable for users who prefer adjusting their chairs by themselves.

Steelcase Series 2

Steelcase Series 2 Office Chair, Graphite Frame, Cogent Connect Licorice, Hard Floor Casters

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The Steelcase Series 2 features an excellent design that adapts to your body and reduces pressure from sitting all day. The seat cushion has built-in air pockets to ensure this for anyone sitting on it. In addition, the seat’s flexibility bends in necessary spots to reduce the pressure under your thighs.

The lumbar support on the Steelcase Series 2 is incomparable with adequate adjustments. The weight-activated mechanism on the chair automatically responds to each user’s position and movements. It ensures long-term support for sitting on it all day.

The Steelcase Series 2 has a sophisticated style and excellent ergonomics that gives it leverage among office chairs. The weight-activated back tension on this chair works with the backrest and seat to create comfort as the users recline. The chair also has several adjustable features to meet every user’s preference.

The chair design focuses on providing instant comfort irrespective of the user’s body shape and size. You can recline in multiple positions with seat depth adjustment in each position. The flexible seat edge encourages conforming with every possible position. Steelcase is unbeatable for its design and style.

Pros Of Steelcase Series 2

To understand the benefits, let me point down all the advantages of the Steelcase Series 2 chair below:

  • Synchronized Tilt Mechanism: The back and seat of the Steelcase Series 2 work in synchronization to securely support the user. It also allows you to keep your feet on the floor when you recline to help you have an optimal view and quickly reach for the desk.
  • Excellent Ergonomics: This chair features an adjustable lumbar, fully adjustable arms, pneumatic seat height adjustment, adjustable seat depth, and recline tension adjustment.
  • Firm Design: The Steelcase Series 2 has an upholstered seat and a flexible back with mesh upholstery.
  • Innovative Back Design: The back technology has an innovative geometric design to ensure daily comfort. The design flexes in two dimensions to support each part of the user’s spine.
  • Fully Adjustable Arms: The chair has fully adjustable arms that can move up and down, turn in and out, push side to side, and forward and backward to support the user’s arms and relax the shoulder fully.
  • Weight-Activated Back Tension: The Steelcase Series 2 has a weight-activated back tension that automatically adjusts to the user’s position and movements.
  • Comfort Dial: The back tension system connects with a comfort dial to allow three possible adjustments for individual customization.

Cons of Steelcase Series 2

The drawbacks of the Steelcase Series 2 chair include the following:

  • Reclining on the chair feels too sensitive for most users.
  • You have to assemble it from scratch to get it to function.
  • It may not be the best option for slender people because of its extra sensitive adjustments.

Comparison Between Steelcase Think and Series 2

Now, let us closely compare the two chairs to get a clearer picture so that making a decision would be easier.


The price of most of the Steelcase chairs is around the standard pricing category of regular ergonomic office chairs. However, the price might sometimes vary, depending on socio-economic factors. So, I will provide links for you to get the current prices on Amazon instantly.

The Steelcase Think offers a lot of comfort with outstanding features for its price. However, this chair may seem quite expensive but you will get the best from it. So, check out the price of Steelcase Think here.

On the other hand, the Steelcase Series 2 costs less, so you will have a few bucks left. Currently, the chair offers you so much at an affordable price. Although there is only a little  price difference between the two chairs. You can check the current price of Steelcase Series 2 here.

Summary: The Steelcase Think carries some alluring features for its price while the Steelcase Series 2 optimizes affordability.

Ergonomic Features

Steelcase Think and Series 2 chairs offer excellent ergonomic features with comfort as the objective. The seat and backrest on both chairs coordinate with the user’s position and movement to provide comfort. The features of the two chairs are hardly different from each other. They both have an Integrated LiveBack technology feature.

This feature fully supports the chairs and allows them to adjust to the shape of your spine. In addition to the identical ergonomic features, you will notice that both chairs have a comfort dial that allows you to adjust the seat depth and armrests.

However, you can only adjust these features in Steelcase Think. But the Steelcase Series 2 has multiple adjustable features such as the lumbar support, seat height, and recline tension. Although, the armrest on both chairs can move in four directions to adjust the width, height, depth, and angle.

Summary: The features and designs of these chairs focus greatly on comfort.

Size and Weight Capacity

To get an overview of the specification of the Steelcase Think and Series 2, check out the table provided below:

SpecificationsSteelcase ThinkSteelcase Series 2
Chair Dimensions‎25 x 27 x 41.75 inches22 x 27 x 42.5 inches
Seat Width28.5 inches27 inches
Seat Depth15.5 – 18 inches14  – 17.75 inches
Seat Height16.5 – 21.5 inches16.5 –  21.5 inches
Overall Chair Depth29.5 inches19.25 – 22 inches
Overall Chair Height37.25 – 42 inches38 – 42.5 inches
Maximum weight limit    ‎300 pounds400 pounds
Chair overall weight32.31 pounds36 pounds

In all indications, the Steelcase Think can support lesser weight compared to the Series 2. The former can hold up to 300 lbs, whereas the latter can withstand up to 400lbs. Hence, if you need a chair with more weight capacity, the Series 2 may be the best option. But you should note that the Steelcase Think weighs less than the Series 2.

Summary: The Steelcase Think is more spacious and broader than the Steelcase Series 2. However, both chairs offer users the same seat height.

Build Quality

The Steelcase Think features a translucent 3D knitted mesh which you can get in 14 colors. It has a standard upholstered seat and back to improve its design. The chair comprises 37% recycled material and is 98% recyclable. The seat material is polyester with an alloy steel frame material.

On the other hand, the frame material on the Steelcase Series 2 is graphite, but the seat material is 100% polyester. In addition, the chair seat features a rigid but flexible foam that adjusts with the user’s body to create less pressure. The chair seat is also upholstered, just like the Steelcase Think’s design.

The bottom line is that these office chairs have similar build design and quality. It is enough assurance that whichever you choose will offer the best build quality.

Summary: These chairs are built with recycled materials and polyester, pushing its strength to higher levels. Overall, they have similar build and quality.

My Recommendation

After carefully outlining the specifications, features, similarities, and differences between Steelcase Think and Series 2 office chairs, the question at the end remains: which chair should you get?

Well, it depends on your personal preference. But, if it is still challenging to make a choice, let me help to decide which is best for you. The two chairs are superior, with excellent unique features. In addition, they both offer comfort irrespective of the user’s shape and size.

However, if you need a less expensive office chair with many ergonomic features and firm build quality, then the Steelcase Series 2 is perfect. Although, it weighs more and stands taller than the Steelcase Think. The Series 2 is also ideal for you if you want a chair that can hold more weight capacity.

At the same time, the Steelcase Think is the best option for you if you want a chair that the back conforms to your spine. It also offers a broader seat to help you settle in enough space. This chair is ideal for any user that gets back pain from sitting too long. It would aid the user’s movement and offer premium support.

Final Verdict

The Steelcase Think and Series 2 are premium quality products that will give you a fantastic experience all day, irrespective of your position. However, the multiple adjustable features on the Series 2 make it ahead of the Think even though the latter automatically adjusts itself.

In addition, it is best to consider the chair’s weight, price, and weight capacity while considering the chair to get. The Series 2 is more affordable but with a heavier weight. But, it is the best option for its ergonomic features and ability to adjust it to accommodate various sizes and heights manually.

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