Why Are Eames Chairs So Expensive?


Eames chairs are classic pieces of furniture that remain relevant and popular today. Although the production company changed over the years, the chair quality still makes them outstanding. Many people would love to add one of these chairs to their arrangements or interior decoration. However, buying an Eames chair can cost quite a fortune.

If you are experiencing issues with the cost, you may wonder why Eames chairs are so expensive. Well, there are a few reasons for this situation.

Here are the reasons Eames chairs are expensive.

  1. The Production Requires High-Quality Materials.
  2. Eames Chairs Are Long-Lasting.
  3. The Chair’s Unique Design.
  4. The Ergonomics of the Chair.
  5. The Scarcity of the Chair.
  6. The Time Required for Production.
  7. The Manufacturer’s Brand and Recognition.
  8. Cost of Shipping the Chair.

This article outlines and explains the reasons for Eames chairs being expensive. All these reasons involved factors and situations contributing to Eames chairs’ price.

Eight Reasons Why Eames Chairs Are Expensive

Eames chairs are more than just a chair design. So many people sort after these chairs in the furniture market. But, the challenges with their high-cost price can be problematic. Although, people who love the brand and quality may be okay with spending so much money on getting these chairs.

However, it is essential to know that owning one of these is an investment. The brand name and design of these chairs contribute to their invaluable existence. But, notwithstanding its value, you need to read through the detailed explanation below to know why its design, features, and production factors are worth the money.

1. The Production Requires High-Quality Materials

The quality of the Eames chair is unbeatable because of the quality of materials that go into the production. The manufacturers use top-notch and high-quality materials to ensure durability. The chair construction involves three hollow wood shells. Each wood shell comprises several layers of plywood. A distinctive grain of veneer covers the topmost layer of plywood.

The leather material that covers the chair’s structure is of high quality. It doesn’t peel, wear, or tear due to constant use. However, using these quality materials on the chair requires some extra bucks. The production company puts premium resources into this, and the product sales must return the money.

So, they have to increase the price of the chair accordingly in order to make enough profit to cover the cost of production. However, it doesn’t mean the company uses the entire profit to produce one chair. Other factors contribute to it being expensive.

2. Eames Chairs Are Long-Lasting

Due to the high quality of materials used for designing Eames chairs, they last longer than you’d expect. You can refer to them as a chair that will last a lifetime. Unlike cheaper chairs with identical designs, Eames chairs don’t break or wear quickly. The chair’s construction gives you value for your money.

3. The Chair’s Unique Design

The design of Eames chairs concentrates on comfort and style. The chair has an outstanding style that is almost noticeable immediately after you walk into a room. It can effortlessly fit into both residential and office spaces. It also fits into the decoration and improves the room’s appearance.

Most chairs are usually upright and with almost identical designs. But the Eames chair construction uses the bent-wood technique. The base has a unique five-legged design and excellent ergonomics. Hence, its design increases its value and influences the price.

4. The Ergonomics of the Chair

The Eames chair has excellent ergonomics that contribute to its comfort and support. The chair features a 15-degree tilt angle that makes the user comfortable. The tilt angle helps to relieve pressure in your base. The chair has a lower back section that adequately supports the user’s low back.

In addition, it has upper back pieces that support your chest. The support and engagement in both parts of your back help to increase the comfort you get from sitting on this chair. Another fantastic feature about the ergonomics of the Eames chair is its unique “Shock Mounts.”

This feature is a significant factor that contributes to its comfort. The shock mounts are heavy rubber washers that have nuts inside them. Gluing them to the chair’s backrest and screwing them into its lumbar support secures them firmly to the chair’s structure. The shocks serve many purposes on the Eames chair, which makes them essential.

The shocks separate various components of the chair and make it flex and bend slightly with your body posture. The chair base has a five-legged design with a slight angle (neither flat nor steeply angled). It also features a cast aluminum pedestal that helps to distribute your weight across the base.

Furthermore, the combination of an ottoman with a chair plays an essential role in increasing your comfort. For example, you can prop your legs on the ottoman to relieve your pressure points. It also helps to improve blood circulation from your legs to your torso. Hence, the entire ergonomics of the chair and its comfort contribute to the price of the chair.

5. The Scarcity of the Chair

Eames chairs are vintage pieces of furniture, and they are scarce. However, since 1956 after its first production, many people have sought it. Over the years, as the manufacturing company and several components changed, it didn’t reduce the demand for these chairs.

The Eames chair has a vintage design that blends into a modern setting. Mid-century modern furniture like this is in high demand. This demand level contributes to the price increase for these chairs. So, another reason Eames chairs are expensive is that they are rare, and there is high demand for them.

6. The Time Required for Production

Producing each Eames chair requires a lot of time and effort. First, the production level is from design to engineering, then product testing, before going through several other steps to arrive at the final product. All these steps involve costs and time, which also means it requires much effort to reach final production.

In addition, The National Institute of Standards and Technology made specific rules on the standards for both residential and commercial furniture to abide by. These regulations ensure the safety of your furniture for adults and children. Your chair design and ergonomics also follow these regulations.

A well-designed piece of furniture like the Eames chair must have a combination of style and standards, requiring more time. The effort and time required to produce the chair increases its value and influences its price.

7. The Manufacturer’s Brand and Recognition

Herman Miller is famous for producing high-quality furniture, and the Eames chair is no exception. The company used brilliant marketing campaigns to highlight its unique design. So, the Eames chair is the brand’s statement piece that a lot of people want to own.

Since it is a chair with excellent ergonomics from a reputable company, it is only customary for people to covet it. Furniture collectors and designers understand the value of owning a piece of the Eames chair. Therefore, the brand’s recognition for its reputation adds to the cost of the chair. If you come across a cheaper piece, it is probably a fake one or a replica.

8. Cost of Shipping the Chair

The original market price of the Eames chair is already high. However, the cost of shipping contributes to the price of the chair. In addition, the supply chain involves many steps and processes which ensure the product’s safety until it gets to you. Fortunately, staying in the US will make the chair more affordable since the manufacturer stays in the same country.

However, if you are staying in another country, they have to ship the chair to get to you. Therefore, the entire logistics process will contribute to the price of the chair. Although, the cost varies according to location, exchange rates, and method of transportation.

Once the chair gets to the destination country, it stays in the warehouse until it finds its way into the market to the retailer. Then, you can get it from retailers. So, although the additional cost won’t show on the price tag, the supply chain has already added it to its cost price.

At the same time, this rule also applies to buyers who ship in the chair by themselves. When you order the chair from the manufacturer, you may get free delivery sometimes. However, if you have to pay for shipping the chair yourself, you should be ready to add that to the total cost price of the product.


All the factors above contribute to the reason Eames chairs are so expensive. Apart from the chair’s quality being a significant factor, socio-economic factors also determine the price of this masterpiece.

These factors are essential in the production and supply of this chair. Although, there are more affordable replicas. But, it is worth investing in an original Eames chair that can last for many years rather than buying a replica that wears and tears easily.

I hope you found this article helpful and know why Eames chairs are so expensive. You should ensure to buy the original, so it is worth your spending.

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