Why Are Egg Chairs So Expensive?


Egg chairs are one of the best chairs made for solo relaxation. Many Hotels now feature Egg chairs on their high-concept redesign. Also, many gardens now seem complete with a hanging Egg chair in them. Notwithstanding, Egg chairs are quite costly, even costlier than they should be. So, why are Egg chairs so expensive? 

Well, if you are wondering why egg chairs are expensive, without any further ado, below are some relatable reasons.

  1. High Quality
  2. Unique Design
  3. High Resale Value
  4. Difficulty in Production
  5. Availability
  6. Low Maintenance Cost
  7. Old Name-Tradition

This article outlines the reasons that add up to egg chairs’ high cost of buying. In this article, you’ll come to the discovery of everything that relates to the high cost of egg chairs.

Seven Reasons Why Egg Chairs Are so Expensive

Several factors affect the prices of items such as chairs. These factors could include the quality, design, cost of production, and its availability. This is also applicable when trying to understand why the Egg chair is so expensive. Well, the article has outlined several important reasons why.

1. High Quality

The high quality of egg chairs contributes greatly to their expensive nature. Any product’s quality plays a very important role in its price. Egg chairs are not ordinary; they are special products that have undergone several quality tests before being placed for sale.

In a bid to build these quality chairs, they use expensive materials to produce them. So it is only natural that the final product will also be expensive. The availability of the material for production is another concern.

Happy woman sitting in wicker hanging egg chair

While this may be true, the main idea behind building the high-quality egg chair is for its durability rather than increasing the price. The price only comes as a resultant effect of going for quality.

Manufacturers of Egg chairs pride themselves on their ability to produce reliable chairs that can stand the test of time. Consequently, they do not want to sell something that will go awry sooner than later.

Aside from authorized dealers, others may not be able to purchase Egg chairs online because manufacturers want to deliver the original chairs to the buyer, and nothing short of that.

Egg Chairs also come with interesting warranties, even though they depend on their price range. Buyers derive consolation for the expenses they incur while purchasing them.

2. Unique Design

Design is another huge influencer on the price of expensive products. Art is a factor when it has to do with refined products. Therefore, as with other expensive products, the sleek and unique design of Egg chairs accounts for the high price of the product.

Egg chairs are ergonomic and have various features that improve their functionality. If you rule out the design, it would be difficult to tell why egg chairs are expensive.

People are willing to try unusual things for one reason or another. And egg chairs are a perfect example of a good unusual product. Aside from the chair’s shape, egg chairs’ design aims at providing absolute comfort.

Woman sitting in hanging rattan egg chair

Most egg chairs feature a footrest that allows you to rest your legs while relaxing comfortably. Egg chairs offer many features for your relaxation and comfort. 

There’s no denying that comfort is one of the reasons why people opt for egg chairs. Everyone deserves comfort, and Egg chairs offer them the comfort they seek, which is why Egg chairs have a high buyer demand.

3. High Buyer Demand

Egg chairs have had a great comeback in the last few years. Although Egg chairs had existed long before, it has only begun to enjoy their renaissance recently. Notwithstanding, Egg chair’s comeback has overtaken many other comfy seats.

Egg chairs now have a very high buyer demand, and there’s no denying that this comes from the quality and design of the chairs. While this may be true, buyer demand affects the price of products. Sellers inflate the price of products when people continuously demand them.

That is to say, the higher the buyer’s demand, the higher the price. It’s still being determined why they do that, but in the end, they go home with more money. In a similar vein, Egg chairs are no exception to this antics. Therefore, the high demand for Egg chairs is an important factor influencing their price.

4. High Resale Value

The high resale value of Egg chairs is another reason why the seats are so expensive. Generally, new products lose their actual price when they are being used; however, not all products fall greatly in value.

Egg chairs only fall slightly in the actual price when it’s already been used. Therefore, purchasing a brand-new Egg chair is a good investment. Egg chairs are, therefore, worth the amount anyways. Although the seats may seem costly at first glance, you will appreciate the comfort and convenience of the chair.

You can never go wrong purchasing an egg chair, provided it’s new.

As time progresses, you will learn to appreciate the value of Egg Chairs. They are worth every dime that you spend on them. And interestingly, you will be able to sell it at a cost closer to the actual price. This is because so many people want unique and luxurious things, but they can be selective about the quality.

Still, the ability of egg chairs to retain their quality after a fair use of it contributes to the seat’s costliness. In addition, the egg chair is reliable; it will not disappoint you.

5. Availability

The product’s availability is another factor that affects the price of egg chairs. Products are either readily available or difficult to access. And in the case of egg chairs, finding these chairs might be quite a pain in the but.

Egg chairs are mostly manufactured by Italian companies, which means it is only readily available or accessible to Italians. It isn’t easy to get a hold of a chair in many other countries. Only authorized dealers can sell egg chairs. Egg chairs are different from the regular chairs you can find anywhere.

Every authorized dealer must have the Poltrona Frau logo on them. Accessing an Egg chair through the internet proves difficult, too; you can only buy egg chairs online from authorized dealers.

As enticing as Egg chairs seem, they are exclusive as well. You can’t help but fall in love with them, but acquiring one isn’t easy. Although many people admire the chairs, many need to learn how and where to get them.

Against this backdrop, people are willing to pay extra for quality chairs. And by doing so, it can inflate the price of the chair in the market.

If you want something unique and exclusive, you can always subscribe to the use of Egg chairs, perhaps in your office, garden, or elsewhere. First, however, you will have to give out some money. And at the end of the day, you will surely have a course to jubilate.

Egg chairs offer more comfort and convenience than other chairs at the same price. So buying Egg chairs is a better alternative to many other luxurious solo relaxation chairs.

6. Low Maintenance Cost

The egg can chair can also be expensive due to its low maintenance cost. Of course, you would expect the seat to have a high maintenance cost because of the expensive materials used in its production. But surprisingly, it’s the opposite: these seats have a very low maintenance cost.

Wicker hanging egg chair on picturesque seaside

Since the seats are made of high-quality fabric, you may not have to worry about repairs in a short time. Furthermore, you will not have to replace any of the materials because the material in use has already been carefully selected.

It’s easy to clean an egg chair; of course, you can clean it quickly without messing it up. This explains why they use these seats in luxury hotels, restaurants, and even planes. 

You can sit on these seats long without worrying about any soon breakdown or subsequent upkeep.

7. Old Name-Tradition

The name of a product is as important as the quality and design. When the name hits the market and gains wide acceptance, you relax and reap the benefits of your labor; like other products, the Italian product has established its name on the chair market since its debut.

It is noteworthy that the older the product, the more expensive it is unless it is not a good product. Therefore, the age-old tradition aspect makes the selling out. Recall that since 1979 we have had Egg chairs; there’s no surprise that the name stamps indelibly in our brains.

Andrea Pompilio first designed them at his company in Milan, Poltrona Frau. In those days, Egg chairs became famous because of their unique design. Even then, these seats had quite a better price value than others.

Fast forward to now, when the design has already established its name on the market and commands great respect. Egg chairs have had a great comeback, visible in the higher buyer demand.

People have now realized that owning an egg chair makes the owner prestigious because of the respect that the chairs command. Considering the brand’s name on the market, the high price of an egg chair should not be surprising.


Going through the reasons listed above, you’ll understand the cause of the unusual price of Egg chairs. To this end, Egg chairs are your sure bet if you’re looking for quality, comfort, and convenience. So egg chairs, despite the high price, are worth it. This article was helpful to you.

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