Why Are Herman Miller Chairs So Expensive?


Sitting all day can cause a lot of strain on your body. The wrong posture and uncomfortable chair can be harmful to human health. For this reason, many people invest in good quality chairs like Herman Miller. This brand has a reputation for manufacturing outstanding chairs. However, these chairs can be quite over your budget.

If you are having issues with the price, you may wonder why Herman Miller chairs are so expensive. Well, there are a few reasons and explanations for this situation.

Here are the reasons Herman Miller chairs are expensive.

  1. The Products are of High Quality.
  2. The Brand is Constantly Evolving.
  3. They Offer a Strong Warranty.
  4. The Brand Offers a Good Return Policy.
  5. They Use Expensive and Advanced Materials.
  6. They Invest in Design and Craftsmanship.
  7. The Effect of Positive Reviews.
  8. Effect of Manufacturing in the USA.
  9. The Company Has a Long Track Record.
  10. Excellent Ergonomic Features and Adjustability.
  11. They Sell Primarily to Companies.
  12. Extreme Quality Control.
  13. Customizable Products.

This article will outline and explain why Herman Miller chairs are expensive. All these reasons contain details that contribute to the price of these chairs.

13 Reasons Why Herman Miller Chairs Are Expensive

Herman Miller chairs get a lot of good reviews for the comfort and support they offer. These reviews boost the company’s demand and sales. However, getting one of these chairs can be challenging for anyone within a tight budget. Only a few people can afford to spend a lot of money on getting pieces of furniture.

But, besides good reviews, other factors contribute to the high cost of Herman Miller chairs. The company puts all these factors into consideration before putting a price tag on products. Hence, you should read the detailed explanation in this article thoroughly to understand why you might need to consider spending so much to get these chairs.

1. The Products Are High Quality

The first reason to consider making Herman Miller chairs cost so much is the quality of their products. The company constructs chairs with quality materials, the finest wood quality, and fittings to produce the perfect product. So naturally, getting high-quality chairs made from the best materials would require you to pay more.

In addition, each Herman Miller chair has several registered and approved patents. These patents encourage the company to use cutting-edge science combined with research and development to create chairs. For example, the Herman Miller Embody chair has three separate seat layers built from unique materials and components.

Herman Miller Chairs

2. The Brand is Constantly Evolving

Another factor contributing to the price of Hernan Miller’s chairs is the brand’s interest in evolution. They keep inventing and introducing new products with style and class. The company has to test this furniture and spend time creating the perfect design. The market demand keeps changing with the introduction of new chair technologies.

In addition, customer demand affects the pattern of production. For example, the market demand for furniture keeps changing, and the company must meet this. However, designing, engineering, and producing different chairs with unique features makes the end product expensive.

3. They Offer a Strong Warranty

Herman Miller offers a substantial warranty with 12 years duration. A product with an extended warranty period will require a precise manufacturing process and long-lasting materials. Both requirements are expensive, but the company needs them to manufacture the perfect product. However, it guarantees the chair’s high quality and performance.

In addition, anyone who purchases one of these chairs gets quick and efficient support. You only need to contact customer support with a photo or video to explain the problem. Then, the company will send a representative to pick up the product to either repair or replace it based on the circumstances.

4. The Brand Offers a Good Return Policy

One of the best parts of owning Herman Miller chairs is their generous return policy. The company allows you to return the chairs within 30 days if you don’t want them. So you have to contact customer support and let them know you no longer want the chair. Then, they will ask you to ship it back to the company and give you a refund.

5. They Use Expensive and Advanced Materials

Herman Miller uses advanced materials to make comfortable chairs with excellent ergonomic features. For example, the Herman Miller Aeron construction uses a mesh known as a pellicle. This mesh has high resistance, like polyester, and the elasticity of nylon. This quality makes the mesh on the chair feel smooth but look rough at the same time.

Other materials frequently used to build Herman Miller chairs include steel, composite fiberglass/epoxy, Lycra RTM, CELCON acetal, etc. These materials are high-quality, and the company has to spend a lot of money to procure them. Therefore the cost of raw materials reflects on the price of the chairs.

6. They Invest in Design and Craftsmanship

Herman Miller chairs are quality products because the company pays attention to exceptional design and craftsmanship. But, unfortunately, investing in these two requires getting the best people on the job and spending a lot of time and effort. So the company has to spend more money to contribute these factors to manufacturing the perfect chairs.


7. The Effect of Positive Reviews

Herman Miller builds their sales around positive reviews. Most of these reviews state that the company produces the best chairs. They also indicate how the products are expensive but worth the price. These reviews boost the company’s sales and encourage them to invest in better designs and materials, which influences the cost of the chair.

8. Effect of Manufacturing in the USA

Herman Miller is entirely in charge of designing and producing its chairs. The company doesn’t outsource to other companies to manufacture products. The USA factory manufactures chairs sold in the US Market, while the United Kingdom manufactures chairs for the Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

At the same time, the China factory manufactures for the Asian market. However, manufacturing products in the USA contributes to the price of Herman Miller chairs. Socioeconomic factors influence the price of products according to each country. Taxes, bills, and standards differ in every country, and the company has to meet up with them.

9. The Company Has a Long Track Record

Herman Miller has a record for delivering the best to customers for years. They are one of the top furniture brands in the market, and the company keeps working towards maintaining this position. Many people go for their products because of the company’s good records. It is only customary for products from a company with such a track record to be expensive.

10. Excellent Ergonomic Features and Adjustability

The level of adjustable features on Herman Miller chairs is very extensive. As a result, you can fix many parts of their chairs to achieve the most comfortable positions. For example, the Herman Miller Aeron has 750,000 adjustment features that allow users to modify several components. As a result, you can adjust the chairs to the smallest detail.

At the same time, the chairs offer several health benefits and give the user adequate support and comfort. The chair’s ergonomic features allow it to align with your body posture and fit every body type. You can sit all day in these chairs without any movement restrictions. Chairs with several adjustable features cost more because of how comfortable they feel.

11. They Sell Mostly to Companies

Herman Miller sells most of its products in bulk to companies. The main target market are corporate organizations. Unlike individual customers, these companies can afford a one-time order of the best chairs. As a result, the brand makes more sales from selling to corporate bodies, and this scheme keeps demand and supplies high.

Hence, the brand builds its pricing around company budgets and demand. Unlike individual customers, these corporate customers do not have a problem with high prices. So, the chairs are expensive because of the target market’s ability to afford them.

12. Extreme Quality Control

Herman Miller follows an extreme quality control method to test its products. They perform tests similar to real-life situations. The company puts a lot of effort into many tests to manufacture the best chairs. This level and quality control methods contribute to the reason their products are expensive.

13. Customizable Products

Most Herman Miller products are customizable. The company’s website allows customers to choose multiple material options and product features to create a chair that suits their style. The customer service the company offers is one of the best. However, creating your customized chair means additional features, which results in a higher price tag.


Herman Miller Chairs are outstanding in both quality and comfort. A lot of money goes into producing these chairs and the brand name and warranty. These factors contribute to the cost of the chairs. However, buying these products is a perfect investment for yourself or your business. You will benefit from the features, productivity, and comfort these chairs promote. It is best to own these high-quality chairs that last for years to replacing chairs frequently.

I hope you found this article helpful and know why Herman Miller chairs are expensive. You should choose the one you mostly prefer to enjoy for a long time.

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