Why Are Peacock Chairs So Expensive?


Peacock chairs are a statement piece that interior decorators use to achieve elegant indoor appearances. However, they are traditional furniture but still very relevant in modern times. Peacock chairs give any room or setting a sophisticated look. Unfortunately, however, these chairs are out of budget, and only some people can afford them.

If you notice these issues, you may wonder why peacock chairs are so expensive. Well, there are a few reasons and explanations for this.

Here are the reasons why peacock chairs are expensive:

  1. Use of High-Quality Materials.
  2. Well-Detailed Sophisticated Weaving.
  3. Peacock Chairs are Handmade and Customizable.
  4. Long-Lasting And Sturdy Chairs.
  5. Peacock Chairs Serve Multifunctional Purposes.
  6. They Have a Significant Weight-Holding Capacity.
  7. Naturally Resistant to Pests and Rot.
  8. Peacock Chairs are Luxurious.

This article outlines and explains the reasons why peacock chairs are expensive. All these reasons involve the process of production, quality, and design that influences the price of the chairs.

Eight Reasons Why Peacock Chairs Are Expensive

The main reason for using peacock chairs in interior decoration is to create a fantastic look with the graceful presence of the furniture. So, a perfectly woven chair with brilliant colors is essential to the arrangement and decoration. But, notwithstanding the beauty, getting one of these chairs can strain your budget.

Still, it is best to understand and confirm why peacock chairs aren’t cost-effective. Then, you can weigh the factors affecting the price and know if it is worth the spending. The detailed explanations below will help you understand that better.

1. Use of High-Quality Materials

Peacock chairs consist of wicker, which is a high-quality material. It is a natural material made from the fibers of specific plants. Wicker is durable and robust; most furniture companies use it as an ideal material for outdoor and indoor furniture. As a result, it is a viral material for quality furniture.

Wicker peacock chair

However, wicker is usually more expensive than other furniture materials such as metal or wood. Although, its durability and long lifespan compensate for its high cost. Using this expensive high-quality material for producing peacock chairs influences the furniture price.

The manufacturers have to pay a lot of money to get the material. Then, they process it to weave the peacock chairs. Alternatively, they can use cane stalk, bamboo, and rattan palm vines for designing and weaving peacock chairs. These materials are more affordable, highly durable, and long-lasting, like wicker.

In addition, the production of peacock chairs can involve the use of synthetic materials and aluminum frames. Although, these materials are more expensive than traditional wooden frames and rattan. So, if the peacock chair you intend to buy has more artificial materials, you should expect it to be more expensive.

2. Well-Detailed Sophisticated Weaving

The weaving process to create good-quality and beautiful peacock chairs is always detailed. The process involves weaving wicker in an entanglement that makes the furniture elegant. It is similar to basket weaving but a little more complex and requires effort. To get the perfect design, the weaver has to first wrap the wet strips of wicker around a wooden or metal frame.

Wrapping it this way helps to create the foundation shape of the chair. Then, they will weave the wicker in various directions to create a pattern similar to a peacock tail. The chair’s name came from the backrest design, which looks like a peacock’s tail.

Getting the efficient wicker process is challenging and requires great skill. The weaver will spend a lot of time getting the perfect shape. Hence, peacock chairs are expensive because it requires a great deal of skill, time, and attention to create one.

3. Peacock Chairs Are Handmade and Customizable

The most significant thing about peacock chairs is that they are handmade. Handmade products require time, effort, and skills, which makes them expensive. The weaving pattern involves a crisscross movement of the wicker. The weavers must be patient so they keep the pattern consistent. The wrong step can affect the pattern and ruin the design.

Some chair designs are simple, while others are more complex. At the same time, some designs look more elegant because of the weaver’s creativity. Fortunately, this process allows you to get customized peacock chairs that suit your taste and requirement. However, getting a customized design means you will have to pay more.

So, apart from the chair being expensive because it is handmade, getting a customized one costs more. Although, most people prefer the natural color of peacock chairs which is the original wicker color. But you can have them painted in any color you prefer. Your preferred color can match the rest of your furniture or home decoration.

One advantage of having painted peacock chairs is that they look more polished and sophisticated. However, the paint will chip off over time and lose its color. At the same time, the unpainted ones are prone to fading over time.

4. Long-lasting and Sturdy Chairs

Peacock chairs are sturdy and durable. The color doesn’t fade over time, and they are resistant to cracks. As a result, you can use the chairs for a long time without any issues. However, it would help to avoid exposing them to sunlight and rain to retain their color and prevent wear.

In addition, peacock chairs require proper maintenance to last long. They remain sturdy for a long time due to this. It would help if you regularly cleaned off the dust on them to prolong their lifespan. The chair will remain functional for a long time if you do all these. Long-lasting furniture is always expensive but they are worth the spending.

5. Peacock Chairs Serve Multifunctional Purposes

Peacock chairs are very versatile, and people use them for various purposes. This property makes them stay in use for a long time. They never go out of fashion and remain essential in home decorations because of their multi-functionality. You can use these chairs in both indoor and outdoor settings.

In addition, you can use them as a standalone chair or part of a set. For example, you can place one or more on your lawn or patio to enjoy the weather. But, it would be best if you built shade over it, so the sun and rain don’t damage it. Another use for peacock chairs is to serve as props for engagement or wedding photoshoots.

Some people use them in dining and living rooms to add sophistication and royalty to the setting. In addition, people often use them as accent chairs in bedrooms or living rooms. Many seaside resorts and restaurants also use peacock chairs for their setting. Hence, the multi-functionality of these chairs contributes to their reason for being expensive.

6. They Have a Significant Weight-holding Capacity

Peacock chairs have a maximum weight capacity of around 235 to 245 lbs. Although they are light, they are sturdy enough to withstand that much weight. Due to their lightweight, you can quickly move them to different locations. You have no problem changing the look of your home with these chairs.

In addition, the weight-holding capacity of peacock chairs makes them very tough. You can use them in any setting and sit on them without worrying about the chair tipping over. So, when you spend a lot of money to buy peacock chairs, their weight-holding capacity contributes to this situation.

7. Naturally Resistant to Pests and Rot

The primary material for producing peacock chairs is wicker made from natural fibers. These fibers are naturally resistant to rot and pests. It helps the chair to remain durable against sun and rain. However, the exposure should be minimal, so it doesn’t wear early.

You can also leave the chair outdoors without worrying about pests damaging it. It is an excellent option for people who need durable light-weighted chairs. In addition, they are low maintenance; you only need to wipe them regularly with a damp cloth. However, it is best to avoid using harsh chemicals on them.

8. Peacock Chairs Are Luxurious

Luxury, class, and elegance are the central identity of peacock chairs. Although you will mostly find them in high-end homes and hotels, they represent wealth and success. Whenever you step into any room, you will notice the presence of peacock chairs immediately.

peacock chair

Whenever you are entertaining guests, they mostly talk about the chair. It is a great conversation starter and becomes the center of attention in a room. One peacock chair can completely transform the appearance of a room. Getting luxurious chairs that attract attention, like peacock chairs, should cost a lot of money.


Peacock chairs have well–detailed designs that give them their outstanding appearance. However, the creativity and time they add to their cost. So, when paying a lot of money for these chairs, it is basically due to their beauty, durability, and fantastic craftsmanship. Although, spending that much money on them is usually worth the spending. You can always use them for many generations and several purposes.

I hope you found this article helpful and now know what makes peacock chairs expensive. Well, you should always maintain them to get value for your spending.

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