Why Are Steelcase Chairs So Expensive?


Steelcase produces a wide range of various furniture types with outstanding ergonomic design. In addition, the brand has a track record for producing top-quality office chairs. Their efficient production allows you to choose what you need in an office chair. Unfortunately, getting one of these masterpieces can cost a fortune.

If you are experiencing issues with the price, you may wonder why Steelcase chairs are so expensive. Well, there are a few explanations for this issue.

Here are the reasons Steelcase chairs are expensive.

  1. Lifetime Warranty.
  2. Excellent Ergonomic Features.
  3. Quality Products.
  4. Durable and High-Quality Materials.
  5. Using Eco-Friendly Fabrics.
  6. The Brand’s Reputation and Sustainability.
  7. The Chair Designs.
  8. Customizable Products.
  9. Unique Labels on Each Piece of Furniture.
  10. Satisfying Customer Demand.

This article outlines and explains the reasons for Steelcase chairs being expensive. All these reasons involve features, specifications, and benefits that contribute to the price of Steelcase chairs.

10 Reasons Why Steelcase Chairs Are Expensive

Steelcase chairs are more than just a piece of furniture. So many people go after these chairs because of the brand’s reputation. But, the problem with spending so much to get them can be challenging. Although, it is not a problem for people who prefer quality and standard irrespective of its price.

However, it would help to know the benefits of owning one of these chairs. Apart from the brand name making the chairs expensive, other benefits contribute to their price. But, notwithstanding its price, you need to read through the detailed explanation below to know why its features and benefits are worth the money.

1. Lifetime Warranty

Steelcase offers a warranty policy that lasts a lifetime. The brand is so confident in its warranty policy that they claim to have the strongest warranty in the furniture industry. They believe in their product and say customers may never need to use the warranty.

Any company that offers a lifetime warranty would manufacture high-quality products. If they do not make their chairs with such quality, they will run at a loss because they will have to replace them every day. Therefore, the warranty policy is an excellent way for the brand to demonstrate its product’s durability.

However, the warranty is only valid if the original purchaser still owns the product. Another clause to this policy is that the chair delivery was to South, North, or Central America, including Mexico, the United States, Canada, and the Caribbean. You are ineligible for the lifetime warranty if you bought the chair second-hand.

In addition, the warranty would no longer be available if the company goes out of business or stop manufacturing replacement parts. However, the sound of a lifetime warranty makes it just sound right to spend so much on buying the chair. You would never need to spend money on replacements and repairs.

2. Excellent Ergonomic Features

Office chairs need to benefit the user’s general health because they will spend hours sitting in the same position. The chair needs to support your posture and give adequate comfort. This aspect is where Steelcase chair’s ergonomic features become essential.

Steelcase Chairs

For instance, adjustable lower back support allows different users to enjoy sitting in their way. Or, a chair with adjustable tilt positions allows the user to occasionally relax their joints and pressure points. In addition, Steelcase chairs have certain flexible ergonomic features that align with your body posture.

The back of the chairs has a curved design that aligns with the shape of your spine. The seat edge also has enough padding to support your knees and thighs while sitting. In addition, the chair contains different materials like fabric or leather, which makes it comfortable to sit on all day. However, sitting in an uncomfortable chair for hours can cause many health issues.

The chairs encourage sitting upright and keeping the spine aligned irrespective of sitting position and movements. Good posture helps the user feel more confident and improves respiration. Conversely, sitting in the wrong position causes digestive issues and back pain.

Excellent ergonomic chairs like Steelcase are essential for office settings. However, a few chairs have such features, and you need to spend more to own one.

3. Quality Products

Any Steelcase chair you purchase always has excellent quality. Many people prefer these pieces of furniture because of this feature. These chairs have stability and standards that makes the brand outstanding. Quality office furniture always costs more because the manufacturer pays much attention to the production process.

4. Durable and High-Quality Materials

Steelcase uses high-quality materials to manufacture its chairs. Such material includes steel which is the strongest alloy known to humanity. They also use Aluminum and other materials to make the chairs more durable and long-lasting. The quality of material used in production makes Steelcase chairs outstanding.

In addition, you can use the materials repeatedly, so you won’t worry about any part of the chair becoming useless. There is assurance that you won’t need to spend more money on replacements. However, you should expect to spend a lot of money to get such quality chairs with an extensive lifespan.

5. Using Eco-Friendly Fabrics

Steelcase puts a lot of effort into using durable fabrics for its furniture. They use fabrics made from collected plastics in the ocean. 1/2  pound of trash will give a yard of textile to produce these chairs. This fabric helps the products to have a minor environmental impact.

However, making these products costs a lot of money, and alternative production methods are also expensive. Therefore, the chairs must be equally expensive to compensate for the production cost. In addition, using a particular textile and material that is in low demand contributes to the cost of these chairs.

6. The Brand’s Reputation and Sustainability

Steelcase has a reputation as one of the few furniture companies that produce quality. The brand focuses on sustaining this reputation and puts a lot of effort into it. They achieve this through strengthening communities, investing in renewable energy, and creating a partnership with customers.

The brand keeps working towards conserving more energy, using better materials more responsibly, and having an outstanding legacy. However, achieving any of these goals means the company invests more in quality production. Hence, their chairs will have to be expensive to make enough profit to cover the cost.

7. The Chair Designs

Steelcase chairs have unique designs that make them one of the top choices. The designs always include unique features that befit everyone’s needs and want. The company uses 3D software technology to design each chair exactly how customers want. This technology helps to get the perfect design that blends into every setting.

Steelcase Chair 2

Taking so much time and effort into creating each design requires a lot of money. Steelcase chairs are expensive because of how much money it requires to create each masterpiece.

8. Customizable Products

One of the best parts of owning a Steelcase chair is the access to customizable products. It allows everyone to have a piece of furniture that suits their taste and style. In addition, the customized products help every office or business space purchasing Steelcase chairs create its brand signature.

For example, the ‘Smart Workplace’ system provided by the brand allows everyone to have their custom furniture piece with everything each person needs on a desk. Each piece of furniture comes in unique colors, styles, and sizes. Unfortunately, obtaining customized furniture pieces can be expensive.

9. Unique Labels on Each piece of furniture

Steelcase allows each customer to have unique labels on furniture pieces. Any company that wants custom branding on their furniture can get Steelcase to put private labels on them. It helps the company to showcase its brand and style.

Any company with such private labels will have a more welcoming office space. Whoever walks into the office doesn’t need an explanation of their area of specialization or the services they offer. However, getting private labels on office furniture will require more money. Hence, the Steelcase chairs will become expensive.

10. Satisfying Customer’s Demand

Customers always have demands, and they keep changing over time. But Steelcase does its best to satisfy every demand. Creating designs and adjusting production methods helps the company meet its customer’s requirements. Steelcase offers a wide range of selection and furniture types for this reason.

Fortunately, it allows you to get a good-quality chair within your budget. You can take advantage of the good part of the brand because there is a chair for everyone. However, it costs them more to produce furniture that fits the market demand. So, chairs with more features and styles will be more expensive.


All the reasons explained above contribute to the high cost of Steelcase chairs. However, they are the primary reasons the brand has earned much recognition. But, it is worth spending so much to obtain one of these chairs. Sometimes, the price may vary according to the model and features of each chair. Therefore, it is best to know the features and specifications of the product so you can work around your budget.

I hope you found this article helpful and know why Steelcase chairs are so expensive. You should explore the available varieties to get the best chair.

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