Why is Office Furniture So Expensive?


The price of office furniture is incomparable to home furniture. But, this furniture makes up the primary requirement for any commercial organization. A building is only complete with the necessary furniture and decorations. Therefore, creating a budget for furniture is unavoidable. However, the high office furniture cost can make you exceed the budget.

When this happens, you may wonder why office furniture is so expensive. Well, there are a few explainable reasons for this.

Well, you may be asking, “Why is office furniture so expensive?” So, here are the reasons why it is so.

  1. The designs are long-lasting.
  2. The production materials are high quality.
  3. The furniture features are adjustable.
  4. Office furniture has ergonomic features.
  5. There is much research and development on them.
  6. The furniture designs are stylish.
  7. The furniture is weight-bearing.
  8. Some of them have more movable parts.
  9. The designs are customizable.
  10. Some of them have extended warrants.

This article outlines and explains why and factors make office furniture expensive. All these reasons involved understanding the features and principles that affect their price.

10 Reasons Why Office Furniture is Expensive

The ultimate goal of having furniture in an office is to create comfort for everyone that goes in and comes out of the organization. The furniture also enhances the entire appearance of the place. So, the best quality and designs are essential for this purpose. But, notwithstanding their invaluable functions, spending a lot of money on office furniture is unavoidable.

Still, it is best to understand their high cost before buying them. These reasons will help you recognize the features to look out for, so it is worth your money. Therefore, it would help to read the reasons outlined below thoroughly.

1. The Designs Are Long-lasting

Office furniture goes through a significant amount of activity. Therefore, the pressure on them is always higher than on other furniture because people spend a lot of time in their work area and use it. Therefore, this commercial furniture is always in more wearing environments. This condition makes it prone to damage and wear.

Therefore, they need to be more durable for this purpose. The designs need to be able to hold the weight of anything and also stay strong for years. This reason makes the manufacturer ensure the designs are long-lasting. So, they put a lot of care and attention into the production process.

Office Furniture 1

However, this influences the worth the manufacturer puts on the products. The furniture price increases to give the manufacturer the value for the time and effort put into the production design. So, it is common for office furniture with a more straightforward mechanism to be cheaper than one with a more complex mechanism.

2. The Production Materials Are High Quality

Office furniture manufacturers use high-quality materials such as steel, leather, and wood. The reason is that commercial organizations want premium furniture for their clients and employees. In addition, the quality of the materials will leave an impression on their image. So, the quality of the furniture materials matters a lot.

These materials have an impact on the price of the furniture. For example, full-grain leather is more expensive than bonded leather. Also, maple and oak are cheaper than mahogany or Peruvian walnut. Although these seem like the same materials, their quality and availability affect the price of their products.

3. The Furniture Features Are Adjustable

Some office furniture, such as chairs, mostly has adjustable levers or controls to accommodate different sizes of people. The mechanism makes it possible to adjust the height and position. The addition of this mechanism influences the price of such furniture. So, it could be expensive if you intend to get furniture with many adjustable features.

4. Office Furniture Has Ergonomic Features

In office furniture like chairs, ergonomics is quite essential for increased comfort. The furniture needs to have enough ergonomics since you will use them for extended periods. These features are one of the major requirements for office furniture. The addition of these ergonomic features increases the cost of the furniture. The more features, the more likely the furniture will cost.

5. There is Much Research and Development on Them

Office furniture evolves every year, and the designs and material changes over time. Technology and innovations keep impacting production designs. The furniture manufacturers keep researching them to meet up with market demand. This research and development cost contributes to the increased cost of office furniture.

Office Furniture 2

6. The Furniture Designs Are Stylish

Offices have unique styles such as European Old World Charm or modern looks. The style becomes their brand, and they need to keep up with it. So, the manufacturing company increases furniture prices because people will need the style aesthetic. The more the style, the higher the cost of the furniture.

7. The Furniture is Weight Bearing

The weight of a person or objects in an office is different; therefore, the furniture should be load-bearing. This theory is primarily essential for chairs because everyone has different weights. The office adds the furniture with no idea who will sit on it. Anyone can sit on the chair, and you need to buy a chair that can accommodate any weight.

The same goes for other office furniture; you never know what item you will put on some of them. Some furniture eventually replaces carts for moving items. Cheap furniture weakens quickly and can come crashing down when you put too much weight on them. The furniture needs to have a lot of components to be able to take those weights.

The addition of these components increases the price of the furniture. For example, a load-bearing office chair will have more durable cushions, durable wheels, and premium levers. The strength and durability will increase the price of the furniture. So, it would be best if you considered the impact of the weight-bearing capacity of the furniture on the price.

8. Some of Them Have More Movable Parts

Furniture with more movable parts allows you to adjust one or more components. You can change the direction or angle in some of them. For example, some office chairs allow you to swivel 360 degrees, rock back and forth and recline. This furniture with movable parts has levers or knobs for this.

So, the knobs and support in such furniture need to be durable enough because they are prone to wear and tear. If the manufacturer uses the appropriate material on the furniture, it won’t break down earlier. The cost of those materials and the addition of these movable parts increase the furniture price.

9. The Designs Are Customizable

Many office furniture becomes expensive when you begin to add customization. You can change many details on the furniture to suit your taste. For example, you can add custom stitching, colors, logos, and monograms to the furniture. Most standard organizations have their logos on the office furniture to create their brand.

You can also customize features like the furniture’s frame, material, support, and height. However, irrespective of the type of customization, it will affect the furniture price. So, if you are wondering why your office furniture is so expensive, check how much customization they have.

10. Some of Them Have Extended Warrants

Some office furniture has extended warrants to give enough assurance that you can fix them quickly. The warranty guarantees that the furniture will remain fully functional throughout its validity period. You can get free repairs or replacements if the furniture breaks within this period. Although, it is rare for office furniture to break down early.

Office furniture has extended warranties because there is no determinant to know how much they have worked. Therefore, the warranty focuses on a certain number of years or months. The warranty could last as long as five years in some cases. The length of these warranties impacts the price of the furniture.

Since the warranty will cover you for a long time, the manufacturers will increase the furniture price. The price is to cover you for a very long time while the warranty is still valid. In addition, the cost of materials for fixing broken office furniture is high. It keeps increasing, and it may be expensive by the time you need to repair furniture.

The manufacturing company considers this when putting a price on the furniture. So, check the warranty policy of any office furniture that is expensive. It could be one of the reasons for the cost. Thankfully, the warranty covers you for a long time, so it is worth the investment.


The price of office furniture means it is a high quality and durable item. You only need to understand the features that make them expensive to know if it’s worth it. So, if you need to purchase office furniture, you can use the reasons and factors in this article to know the best. If the furniture can satisfy you, consider it relatively inexpensive since it will save you the cost of replacing them multiple times.

I hope you found this article helpful and you’ve been able to understand why office furniture is expensive. Well, you should always ensure to consider these reasons when purchasing office furniture.

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